Reborn Hank is not finished.

I beg to differ. They could’ve passed on Burris. let Winnipeg sign him. This way, Glen would have stayed and they could’ve signed Willy like Winnipeg did. As far as I’m concerned, Glen has been more impressive than Burris. Don’t get me wrong, Burris has had a calming effect and has played well, but has been inconsistent. THey definately need to upgrade the running back position.

I understand your point, I just think you assume a lot (such as Willy deciding to sign here) and you also have the benefit of knowing what's happened since. At the time the call is being made, you don't have that luxury. If you think that Willy is so much better, that's fine, but bear I mind that even Winnipeg went after Burris first.

You're also comparing the results of a player at the helm of an established club against one guiding an expansion team.

That isn't to say that I'm totally comfortable with the position. I don't know what it is they see in DeMarco and O'Brien, exactly. To tell you the truth, it wouldn't surprise me if none of them were on the team next year. But I understand why they made the moves they made when they made them.

I still don't understand why they would go after Glen and not Tate. I wonder if there was a deal made under the table between Calgary and Ottawa, so that Ottawa would not take Tate. I don't think they were planning on having two experienced QB's, otherwise the Redblacks would not have committed to making Glen the starter before signing Burris. Like I said, they made a mess out of the Expansion draft at the QB position. They had a lot more options than what they ended up with. I understand the points your making though. IMO, a Glen/Burris tandem would have been a good fit. You need 2 decent QB's in the CFL.

Perhaps he was going to be a free agent too? If not, maybe they were scared off by his injury history. check out his bio:

(Calgary) Tate started the first two games of the season before suffering a muscle strain in his right forearm. He dressed but did not play in games 3-11 and saw limited action in games 12-16...

(Calgary) Tate began the season as the team’s starting quarterback and threw for 299 yards in a season-opening win over Montreal. He completed five of six passes for 64 yards and a touchdown to begin a Week 2 matchup with Toronto before dislocating his shoulder. He returned to the lineup in Week 14 as a backup before starting the final game of the season and the West semifinal. He broke a bone in his right forearm during the third quarter of the semifinal, ending his season.

(Calgary) Tate missed the first five games of the season due to injury. He returned in Week 6 and dressed for the final 13 games. Tate assumed the starting job for the final three games of the regular season as well as the West Divisional semifinal,

Say what you want about Burris, but the dude can take a hit. :wink:

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find any kind of commitment to Glenn. That was just the assumption made based on Glenn having more experience than Demarco. I copied a quote from Desjardins several times on the main board to the effect that the team was going to continue to improve all positions, including QB.

Found 'er!

[url=] ... e15982344/[/url]
Although he now has Glenn and DeMarco in tow, Desjardins said he’ll be active in free agency to land other quarterbacks. Toronto’s Zach Collaros, Saskatchewan’s Drew Willy, Hamilton’s Henry Burris and Edmonton’s Matt Nichols are all slated to become free agents in February.

“There’s a couple of good options out there and we’re certainly going to pursue those,? he said. “There’s no reason why we can’t be aggressive in that area.

“We’ve got a veteran, (that) doesn’t mean we can’t add another one. We have a young guy, (that) doesn’t mean we can’t add another. There’s three or four obvious guys out there and we’ll certainly reach out to all of them when the time comes.?

So it doesn't seem as though they ignored the position in free agency. And if you're comfortable with risking taking free agents, we'll just have to disagree on that because I totally wasn't.

It has to go both ways, too. The player has to want to come here. Maybe Collaros wanted nothing to do with playing for an expansion franchise when he could go to an established club.

The reality right now is Glen is with a team with ZERO wins but some great stats. Hank is with a team with 2 wins and with some better throws could have had 3 wins.
No reason to panic yet.

To tell the truth, I don't give a crap about Glenn. I don't miss him and don't spend a second wishing he was here. I did predict that signing Burris would be disruptive and it was, but at some point people have to let it go.

Where I find myself getting caught up in this discussion, and similar ones, is the revisionist history part of it. I recall people saying the Bombers were screwed when Burris signed here instead and making fun of them for trading for Willy shortly after. 18 months go by and suddenly it's what we should have done.

I wonder how many posts I could find, if I really looked, that say something like "Ottawa should totally go for Drew Willy in the expansion draft, even if he's scheduled to become a free agent". Pretty sure the post count will be low in my search results.

Your correct on all counts :thup: Also Desjardins did get a nice return for Glenn. Antoine Pruneau will have a nice career with Ottawa.

Sun story today talking about how Ottawa has to connect on deep balls to be more efficient on offense. Not ONE WORD about the lack of a run game. I'm baffled. Does Maas really believe he can drop Burris back to throw almost 40 times per game and win in this league? :?

What strikes me as funny there is that two weeks ago the complaint (not by you, I mean in general) was that we didn’t give the ball to Walker enough. This past week, we give it to him a bunch, he craps the bed with it, now people want him gone.

I think there has been little talk about it because Walker may not play this week. He’s apparently a little banged up (nod nod wink wink) and Jeremiah Johnson is good to go. It’s a guess, but whether that move gets made or not will dictate the strategy, I think.

Well, Maas only ran the ball with his running backs 14 times: 11 to Walker and 3 to Sanders. Three related issues: the efficiency of the ground game (Ottawa couldn't run the ball effectively -- O-line problem, playcalling?), Ottawa's unwillingness to run (14 runs to 42 pass attempts is not good balance), and the question of whether the team has the right running back (I think we can agree that Walker is not the answer).

Having said all that, Maas is right in that success with the deep ball will open up the underneath game AND the running game. You burn DBs once or twice with a 30 or 40-yard pass and suddenly those linebackers won't be quite so eager to stay in the box...

Just announced: Walker out, Johnson in. :thup:

As far as carries though, how often do you continue to go to what is not working though? It's not as though Walker's average was reduced by one particularly bad play, two yards was about what he got regularly. The passing game was not great by any stretch, but at some point it did start to work better so I can understand SOME imbalance (maybe not that extreme, but some).

Then when Sanders goes in, he fumbles. :roll: Sometimes you just can't win no matter what you do.

That's true, so the issue becomes the play of the running back himself (Walker ineffective, Sanders fumbling), the O-line (are they giving the RB a lane or are there enemy DLs in the backfield before he can even make a first cut?), and possibly a "tell" that the other team figured out to let them know when Ottawa would be running the ball.

I think you will see a big difference with Johnson in there, he's a big bruising back (210lbs) and won't be afraid to hit the hole and he will be trying to take the Number 1 spot from Walker. He's also effective with the short passes/screens etc

I was pretty underwhelmed when he was signed, didn't think much of it, but he had a couple of nice performances late last year.

Now let's keep him healthy fer crying out loud. :cowboy:

Any word from you guys in Ottawa whether there will be a sellout tomorrow.
Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

I doubt it tomorrow, but someone I know who's going said they looked at other games further down the schedule and most of the time they just came up with singles. They may well start another streak soon then.

Ticket master shows almost nothing available in the south side just a couple of singles and looks like around 1200 available in the North Side. So unless they get a big walk up crowd, probably around 22 - 23k.
The Als in town on the 8th of August, will be a sell out

Saskatchewan after that, you would think...

Hank looks great again!! :thup: :thup: