Reborn Hank is not finished.

If you rattle Burris he folds. He folded in the first qtr yesterday. Hank is hank.

However what I dislike about Hank is when he is pulled he stands with his helmet on right behind the offensive coordinator in an intimidating whining fashion to let the coordinator know he is not happy about being pulled.

Instead of helping the younger qbs he stands with his helmet on acting as if he is coming back into the game. I lost any respect for Burris. He is not real and is not a team player. Selfish hank

You just lost respect for him now? He's always been like that. Hank is a great team player so long as the team is winning. As soon as things go wrong he pouts. He has ALWAYS been that way. His last moments in Calgary were exactly like you described, pouting on the sideline with his helmet on and a heavy coat while Tate took over the show.

I just hope Hank has a comeback game this week, I am picking the RB to rebound big time.

Boy was I wrong, two weeks in a row now with Hank of old.
What's plan B if the same things happens next week?

When you look at Glenn's play. You wonder who gets it first. Desjardins or Burris.

And yet SSK is 0-4 and Ottawa is 2-2. Hardly a reason to press the panic button yet.

Ottawa's record flatters them greatly. Early in the season with home and away games being so unbalanced I look at the points for and against to see what team's season is shaping up to be and Ottawa is -25 Worst in the league. Saskatchewan is not much better at -12 having played 3/4 at home puts them about the same at the bottom of the league.

I think Maas will be a good OC in this league but he has to grow into the role. It's his first year at the helm of an offense and his head coach is from the defensive side of the ball, so no safety net really.

I would have understood that comment after the game IN Edmonton but after the game at home, I don't get it. With no running game to speak of, he completed 29 of 39 for 252, threw a pick but ran one in for a score. It wasn't a terrible outing by any stretch, under the conditions.

The part in bold is the problem. Thirty-nine pass attempts?! Ottawa needs a ground game, stat. Walker is not an every-down back. If Grigsby is interested, Desjardins should give him a call.

The flaw in that method is that it puts a lot of weight on the one game that isn't like the rest. Applying it, you'd have to say the same about Winnipeg (now -21 with the same record, largely due to a lopsided loss of their own) and BC that is 2-1 yet has negative points against.

In other words, you're basing your opinion in large part on the exception instead the more typical. 2-2 seems right to me; they deserved to win the games they did, they deserved to lose the games they did.

Absolutely. Walker hit a couple of big runs early last year and fans liked him because of it, but in the last 2-3 games before breaking his arm, he was mostly. Jonathan Williams then tore up his knee and Jeremiah Johnson is still banged up, I think. But the quicker Walker sees bench the happier I'll be.

That is why I purposely left Winnipeg out of the discussion. Riders have lost by 2-4-3-3 points. Where Ottawa won in Montreal taking out their two QB's while Burris threw 3 interceptions,that kind of scenario happens once in maybe a 1000 games. In my opinion the only game where Ottawa outplayed their opponent is the BC game. Their play should have them at 1-3 IMO.

The picture will get clearer after another 3 or 4 games. Burris needs to improve his play, way too many drives stalling because of poor throws, giving him a proper running game would help too.

I'm picking them this week at home to pick off the wounded Stampeders.

Oh, all right. When you said "flatters them greatly" earlier, it sounded as though you thought they shouldn't have any wins.

I don't have a problem with winning ugly in light of how many games they lost last year by unusual circumstances. I think they were better than 2-16 last year, based on hanging tough against teams with far better records. If their record is better than their performance this year, I admit that I'll sleep at night just fine. :wink: I gave up pride long ago when it comes to Ottawa football. :lol:

They have the making of a competitive team. They just need better balance on offense and Burris to stop under throwing his receivers/rushing his throws. I like their defense quite a bit, not big but very quick.

I like the defense too, but something another poster here (Ride80) and I have talked about is that too often, when the game is on the line, they crap their pants. Right after they take the lead against Edmonton, the defense gives up a 68-yard TD.

It's a little unfair because they had to make up for so much last year. And even this year, the offence is better but relies on long drives as opposed to big plays and often settle for 3. But with one less breakdown or two they could be outstanding.

I'm willing to be patient. There is a lot of youth and/or inexperience that's coming along. It'll come.

I think Nelson is doing the best he can with the players he has but you have to remember that Ottawa is still a second-year expansion team. They don't have the depth of talent that other teams have or the continuity. It will come in time.

No doubt. I was actually finding it funny yesterday that the people who seem to be least patient with this team are fans of other teams. It like some think that Desjardins is doing a poor job, yet expect more from the roster he has assembled. Can't really have it both ways.

Personally, I like that they've chosen to build with youth for the most part so long as they manage to hold on to that youth as it develops. It's hard on the patience but so long as you see growth, you can deal with it.

I still contend that Desjardins could have and should have done a better job getting a good young QB in the expansion draft. They could have drafted a guy lke Willy, or made an attempt to sign Collaros, or Calgary's no. 2, qb instead of picking Kevin Glen. Instead they sign a 39 year old Burris, lose Glen, and pcik DeMarco, who really hasn't impressed me, nor has been utilized. They need to start putting in DeMarco or O'Brien when Burris is crapping the bed.

Nice hindsight there. Willy was going to be a free agent. What would your opinion of the move be if Willy had ended up bolting a few weeks later? Would you say they were stupid to draft someone who's contract was about to expire anyway?

[url=] ... -1.1674085[/url]

[i]WINNIPEG — They lost out on the Henry Burris sweepstakes but the Winnipeg Blue Bombers didn't wait long to land another quarterback, acquiring Drew Willy Thursday from the Grey Cup-champion Saskatchewan Roughriders for Canadian receiver and Regina native Jade Etienne.

Winnipeg also signed Willy to an extension, reportedly for two years. He was scheduled to become a free agent next
and will be unveiled by the Blue Bombers on Friday at Investors Group Field.[/i]

It would have been idiotic to take such a chance on an unproven QB when you can get two without taking that risk.