Reborn Hank is not finished.

Let me be the first to admit as I have been saying for a year now how Hank was finished and the RB should go in a different direction.
Well so far this year I was wrong, Hank has be reborn to days of old.
He had an awesome game tonight.
Nice guy too.

The difference between this year and last year:

  • Ottawa actually has pro caliber receivers now.
  • Jason Maas > Mike Gibson.

I'm not surprised to see Burris rebound. He might have had some bad moments last year, but he was nowhere near being the main problem for Ottawa.

Let's be honest, last year Hank had a terrible cast and he was equally as bad.

I agree with all of this. Much better consistency fro the receivers so far. I believe that Maas is an upgrade as well.

But also, Hank does not react well to adversity. So long as things are going well Hank's attitude is always smiling and upbeat. As soon as things go south, like they did almost all last year, Hank tanks. He was like that in Calgary, he was like that in Hamilton and he was like that last year. As long as the RedBlacks remain competitive, win their share of games and don't let things crumble around them, they should be able to get the most from Burris.

Congrats to the RedBlacks. Henry still is very inconsistent but when he gets hot he can look very good. Ottawa is now a solid team. Tough to see the kick returns called back. Both very borderline calls IMO. If the Officials were instructed to stop making those borderline holding calls and call excessive leading with the Helmet hits we would see a better game.

The reply of Williams return TD did not show anything untoward, maybe wrong angle?

His numbers would have improved if his receivers played better, but they still wouldn’t have been fantastic.

After his terrible 2nd quarter last week, he said he was trying to do too much and needed to settle down. He should have come to that conclusion about a half dozen times last year.

Since then, the majority of his throws don’t travel more than 10-15 yards from the line of scrimmage and the team is not taking stupid holding and “no end” penalties to create long downs. And some of his 5-yard tosses are being turned in to 10-15 yard gains, which make him look better now.

I don't think he is "very inconsistent" at all. I was at the game last night and nothing wrong with the way he threw that pic, the receiver just let it bounce off his arms into the defenders arms, the snap that went over his head which was almost a disaster was caused by the centre.
For the second week in a row Burris took the ball at the 3 minutes warning and controlled right to the end. I think everyone was blaming him for last season but we saw last year the receivers dropping balls time after time and the inexperienced "O" line giving him zero protection.

Was also at the game and he did a great job managing the time when needed.
the O-Line played a good game and we made first downs when it counted.

say what you will, but IMO it can only get BETTER!

Burris is the man.

I was at the game as well slimjim, and agree with you 100%. This year's receiving corps is light years' better than last season's cannot catch crew, and that O line has been darned impressive in both games so far this year.

Hey, bad momentum is contagious, just like good momentum. Last year, Ottawa's receivers couldn't catch water if they were falling out of a boat, which would sour things for any QB. Throw in the O-line's protection problems and it's no wonder the team struggled. I agree that Burris has to wear his share of the blame for 2014, but there was a lot to dislike about the 2014 offense beyond Burris's performance. Maas is running a smarter passing game this year than Gibson did last year. Lots of quick passes, getting the ball into the hands of playmakers and letting them do the rest. That's what you have to do with a 40-year-old QB. You can't expect Burris to win games on his own anymore but he is an excellent ball distributor who still has the ability to take off or go deep. Surround him with the right people and he will be productive.

I was saying the same think last year, but I agree Hank is looking great and I'm glad the coaching staff are forcing him to run when he needs to instead of staying in the pocket. He looks a bit lighter this year also. Good one, Henry, hope you keep winning because you are such a great guy with a great attitude. Love that smile. His experience and clock management along with Jason Maas's offence was very important on Saturday night. All positive, as long as they are competitive and are improving, I'm happy. :smiley:

Enjoy the swan song guys, but understand it is just that. You guys got to get your hands on a good backup who’s last name is not Matthews next season.

I think most of us accept that he won't play until he's 55. Although he did say he wants to play out his contract to the end, which would mean playing next year.

Why wouldn't he? He's in great shape, can still play at a high level, can still make all the throws to all areas of the field. Why not play out his contract? This isn't like washed-up Kerry Joseph coming back for endless, increasingly sad kicks at the can when he clearly had nothing left. Burris is still able to compete; furthermore, he gives Ottawa the best chance to win of all the QBs they currently have on their roster. I hope he can play at a high level for as long as possible. :thup:

Absolutely agree!
If he can play like this all year long, and have success with the new receiving corps, and stay in shape, why not keep playing. Say what you will about the old man, but IMO he still is one of the best minds behind the center. Obviously, experience does pay the bills :slight_smile:

I also hope they give DeMarco and O'Brien a look when the time comes. They will need that same experience 8)

Only the first half, but it looks like the shades of Henry circa 2014.

Edmonton's got a good D and they had something to prove after the previous game. Burris will rebound. It's just one game. And it's not like Ottawa's D were effective in the least...

Hank will be Hank, good games and bad games. He has more bad than good now though. He makes poor decisions that hurt the team.