RebBlacks to lead East after first weekend?

I'm really hoping the Ticats open the season with a win.

With that said, following the A@#$s loss last night I imagined an opening weekend when all the Eastern teams lose. The way the standings work, teams that are equal on points are ranked by several factors, but these factors would be in play on Monday morning: a club would be ranked higher if it ...
b) has the higher winning percentage in all games played against all of the other tied Club(s)
c) has scored the higher net aggregate of points (i.e. points scored for less points scored against) in all games played against all of the other tied Club(s).

So, if the Cats, Als and A@#$s all lose on the weekend, the RedBlacks will finish their first weekend in the league at the top of the Eastern standings. Without having played a game. I love stats.

It's spelled "Argos".

I'm not surprised a Pansy-cats fan can't spell. :roll:

The spelling that you quoted is NOT ALLOWED ON THIS SITE! Ever!!
repeat, NOT ALLOWED!!!

But, it's so much easier writing "Argos" than "100th Grey Cup Champion Toronto Argonauts"!


No, we just prefer to avoid using profanity. 8)

You mean the "bought to win, shady trade for Ricky Ray 100th Grey Cup Champion Toronto Argos"