Reasons Why We Should Not Try to Sign Burris

8) Exactly, "Captain".

I have a feeling Tate's contract is weighed heavy on his second and third year of his deal. I am in a minority but I have a feeling Burris will start the season with Calgary.

No way.

He’ll be here on February 2nd.

Everyone else is solid at that position (once Pierce re-signs).

Buck Pierce? Now there is a QB I would readily accept

if Henry Burris thinks he is worth too much money.

8) I would take Buck Pierce any day over Burris, at this point in time, Ron !!
   I'd love to see Buck in a TiCat uniform.

You two cannot be serious?!?!

:roll: :? :? :?

BP was statistically the worst QB last year and is prone to multiple injuries, missing and losing countless games.

He was even statstically worse than Cleo Lemon last year and we all know what happened to the Lemon turnover, Pierce threw more interceptions than TDs last season, and you want him to suit up in the Black and Yellow??
There is not one game I watched last season that even remotely made me think BP won them the game, most of Bummer wins last season were either forced by their D or the opposition not showing up at all....

BP is a step backwards from our current situation and we all see how people feel about the 2 QBs we have now.. it will be shark feeding here if BP ever played a game for the Cats!

Buck pierce?! Seriously? Man quarterbacks get way too much recognition for what their teams accomplish.

I am serious HTD, Buck Pierce is the kind of warrior I like as a QB,

Wally Buono was serious, too, when he compared him and Travis Lulay.

“I think their personalities are different, their temperaments are slightly different,

but the thing that everybody would attest to

is that both would put it all on the line in any game and every game,? Buono said.

Yes, both are team-first guys and both are warriors.

The knock on Pierce — his injuries — obscures the fact he’s fearless (to a fault).

Starting in college, when he once ran 30 yards with ruptured ligaments in his ankle,

when he once directed a long TD drive while his throwing shoulder was separated,

he’s played with a reckless abandon.

After going through Dave Dickenson’s repeated concussions and shoulder injuries,

the last thing Buono needed was a repeat

So he cut Pierce, hoping the QB would catch on elsewhere.

[b]“It wasn’t that we let Buck go because he was a bad quarterback

or because he was a bad person, it was just the injuries,

you know, to the quarterback position,? the coach/GM said[/b].


Coaches and GMs are much less willing to cast their lot with a QB who misses games with injuries.

Last year in Winnipeg, as usual, Buck Pierce played with injuries but he only missed a couple of games.

Read more: ... z1iDSTK8Ji

I think there if we get Cortez we will also get Burris as this coach has worked with him before...........

Wonder if we could get Matt Flynn (backup QB for Green Bay) in a black and gold uniform.. :?

He was 31/44, 480 YDS, 6 TD's today vs the Lions..(Franchise records in both yds and TD's)

Perhaps Obie could contact Green Bay QB coach Tom Clements (former TiCat)to put in a good word for us. :stuck_out_tongue:

To drag him away from GB would be quite the accomplishment that would make me respect obie (but just a little)

I'm guessing you meant that suggestion tongue in cheek.

Otherwise, why would Tom Clements (who had a less than enjoyable time in Hamilton) put in a good word for his promising backup QB in Green Bay to leave the team and come to the CFL? Most teams like to have a good backup QB. What would GB do if Rodgers gets injured.

BTW, Tom Clements continues to do a stellar job as a QB coach. He was the only one who ever had success with Kordell Stewart while in Pittsburgh, brought Rodgers along very well in Green Bay, and evidently is now doing the same with Flynn. He didn't have as much success in Buffalo as OC, but I won't be surprised to see hm get another shot at that.

yes, my statement was partial tongue in cheek and partial fantasy roster. :expressionless:

BTW, what were the negative comments attributed to Clements regarding his tenure in Hamilton?
I've heard about his displeasure by posters on the forums, although never read any verbatim quotes on the matter.

...according to tsn and Dave Naylor today, Burris is on the way to Hamilton in exchange for Glenn...???? :roll: Didn't see this one coming...Should be announced this week officially and could Cortez be following shortly???? :roll:

It appears Henry Burris may be moving to the East Division.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders have a deal in principle that involves the swapping of quarterbacks Henry Burris and Kevin Glenn.

The Tiger-Cats would send another player to Calgary as part of deal as well.

Hamilton says the deal is not done yet, but sources say it is expected to be announced this week.

Not sure why Obie would give up a second player in the deal though unless the player in question was marginal at best..

Salary Relief maybe?

Glenn and Dewitt are going to Calgary in exchange for Burris....