Reasons Why We Should Not Try to Sign Burris

  1. He only wants to be the undisputed starter.
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  1. He will never leave Saskatchewan! :slight_smile:

Kevin Glenn said the same thing. IMO, the two of them have “sealed the deal” against being retained next.

Henry is the only one of them likely to get his wish but it will have to be with another team.

Money and marketing dictates that, if they hope to be starters, they will be on other teams.

Henry Burris was booed a lot more often this year and a lot worse than Kevin Glenn was, I believe.

Calgary won’t even pay Henry his Feb 1st bonus. Henry was paid $300,00 + as their starting QB

IMO, he won’t accept the huge drop in pay they would want to give him to play there next season.

Unless that smillie means you want Henry here in Hamilton

you meant to use this emoticon :wink: didn’t you, Mark?

Kevin Glenn said the same thing. IMO, the two of them have “sealed the deal” against being retained next year.

In the unlikely circumstance we don’t sign Henry Burris, Kevin may re-consider his “# 1or I am gone” statement

which he said because he felt Marcel wasn’t 100% for him ever since he got pulled right in the opening game.[?]

After all, I don’t see any starting QB positions up for grabs around the whole league starting out next season.

A new Head Coach may tell him he believes in sticking with one quarterback as the first string QB on his teams

and convince him to compete for # 1 at Training Camp. I know Kevin can do that “in spades” at Training Camps.

Hank will take us no further than Kevin did In fact between the two, I’d prefer to keep Kevin around.

I do believe however that the answer to our woes is already here. My suggestion would be to hand QP the reins and say ‘you have 9 games, if you want it, go get it’ and see what he can do for an extended period without the anxiety of someone over his shoulder. If the experiment fails, you cut him loose and go out and buy yourself a QB.

How can you not at least want a look at Burris?
2010 CFL MOP, 2008 grey cup champion, 2008 Grey Cup MVP, 2010 CFL all-star, western all-star 2005,2008,2010.Height 6'2" vs. KG's 5'10", strongest arm in the CFL, ability to make things happen with his legs (known as one of the best in the game at this very thing) and we may not have to give up anything as far as a player or draft pick goes to get him.Oh, did I mention that he's also a very vocal leader, something KG isn't?Burris will be a Ticat, will he succeed who knows.But i'd take him over KG and day of the week.

buy whom??

All top notch QB's are usually employed somewhere.

No... I was just referring back to his departure from Sask. AFTER he had declared his loyalty for life to the green team. MAYBE a Smilie AND and Wink together....

Didn't we do just THAT 2 years ago??

how did that work out??

QP is not even a capable back up and you think he can start... lmfao!

This. Hank has one bad season and people are not even willing to give him a shot. The man doesnt just forget how to play ball in one year. Yes hes aging but a year or two is all we need to possibly develop QB or bring in another after that. And we could trade for McPherson if we dont want Burris. Point is, there are options out there. Was anyone expecting Ray to go to TO?

Henry Burris is 36 years old. I think for a running quarterback that's old.

If he cannot effectively move an offense with the talent and the coaching that he had in Calgary, I doubt he will do as well here.

Is he willing to mentor the backups should he come here after what happened to his starting job in Calgary?

I figure he has two more good years left, less if he get seriously injured.

I remember when we signed Dunnigan years ago. He was in the later years of his career. Only a couple of games into his first season here, got rocked and his career was over. I fear a similar scenario with Henry Burris.

I like Burris as a quarterback. He can be exciting and dynamic to watch. I just think it's late in the game to take on this risk.

Burris is a proven winner. One slightly mediocre season doesn't mean he's finished. I think with a change of scenery and after being lambasted out of Calgary, he will bounce back hungrier than ever in order to prove he's still got the ability to be a top QB in the CFL. He knows if he bombs his next gig that his career will be over. This can only benefit the Cats.

Pretty sad that a team with the same GM for four years would be interested in signing a 36 year old QB who lost his starter's job.

Given the QBs available in the league now, and given that there is no hot shot college prospect that is going to come to the CFL without at least giving the NFL a shot (ie no Chuck Ealey), and given that most NFL back ups are not suited for the CFL, Burris and one more shot for Porter would appear to be our best for this year.

Essentially it is this, you pay for Burris or for Glenn. We have seen Glenn and is days are over, Burris is a better athlete (tho older) and has a better arm and has had far greater CFL success than Glenn has.

Also, can't beat a scenario where a proven talented athlete has something to prove.

If Huffnagel can't trade Burris. I would not be surprised if he hung on to him through camp at least.

It is unlikely Huff would dole out the sizable roster bonus due to Burris on Feb. 1st, only to release him a few months later.

This. A shoe will drop sooner than later, IMHO. It will drop regardless. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


Unlikely but sometimes you have to ante up to call someone's bluff.

8) Arash Madani is reporting that the Stamps have signed QB Drew Tate to a new 3 year contract extension, all but
   sealing the fate of Henry Burris.

   Burris will either be traded or released before Feb. 1, to avoid paying him that sizeable bonus due then !!

    If he is traded, his destination will in all likely hood will be Hamilton, who seem to be the most interested team.

     I would expect Hamilton to name their new HC within the next 2 weeks, so that this whole scenario with Burris can be 
      completed before Feb. 1.

The Cats will not trade for Burris and be on the hook for his "sizable" bonus, they will wait until he is released

Unless, of course, the new HC doesn't want him.