Reasons why the riders will win the 2013 Grey Cup

  1. Taman and Chamblain are in their first year and have done an incredible job of turning over the roster and will go into the 2013 season with a strong base and most of the pieces in place and some Current young players will be ready to step into starting roles.
    First, NI Graig Butler will be ready to step in as the starting safety as the aging James Patrick did a nice job but butler is ready for a breakout year after a great rookie season on a bad 2011 team.

second, It took Chamblain all season to find the right receiving combination and he now has the major parts in place. Jock Sanders will also be back to create all of the match up problems he created before he got hurt. Scott McHenry played his heart out at WR but the Riders will need another NI receiver. Bagg played great but was injured again so they can not count on him. Former first round pick Jordan Sisco could be a very good as the 5th receiver

Defense: Shomari Williams is much better suited to the Wil LB and Abraham Kromah could become an excellent MLB for the aging Joe Lobendahn.

DBs just like the receiver spot it took the season too find the right combination and although they are still not sure with Butler back ther ready to anchor the D backfield and Chamblain has a better isea of who he will keep and who he will let go.

They will need to find a dominate rush DE but after an offseason where they had to replace so many spots can concentrate on finding one.

Kicker: Chamblain has found that two kickers is better than one. Giving Chris Milo only place kicking duties from the start of training camp will allow him to shine in his third season. They will need to find a servicable punter whether it be an import or non import. Burke Dales should recover from his injury and Edmonton seems to be set to let shaw do both so making a play for Dales may be a key acquision.

Special teams: Jock Sanders will become a gret returner. whether they want him to do all of the retunr duties and play his hybrid receiver Rb may be too much so he may take punt return duties where he will have a mch better chance to take one to the house.

The coverage teams led by Hurl will be back in full force next year as the candian Hair force

The Oline is set deep and young they will truly be dominate in their second year together.

the use of a TE will play a much bigger role from the beignning of the season. If Neil Hughes is no longer up to the task they will need to find a FB/TE who can both block and receive much like Lovoi in MON and Cote in Calgary. This could be an ideal spot for Mchennry to thrive.

Durant will stay very helthy with that O line but if he should miss a game here or there Drew Willy and JT O'Sullivan will be in their second season and in the same roles having consitancy of QBs 1-3 for two straight years will make everyone feel very confortable with the QB situation.

It took the entire 2012 season for Chamblain to find the right players to fit his system. Next season coming into camp with much more clarity of a starting line up will give them the consitancy that was missing this season.

I see a lot more work for next year. Not convinced yet on Willy (O'Sullivan should be replaced). DD needs to be taught to use his legs more, to move the pocket or roll out at least and finally to NOT telegraph his throws. I mean at least look the opposite way, try a pump fake once in awhile, instead of throwing away the ball either make a run for two yds or throw it for two yds. He can improve a lot.

Taj Smith played well as did Dressler. Getz cost us at the end of the year, he was not effective and helped to limit our offense. Carr who knows I thought he'd have a bigger impact once we got him, but had a good playoff. McHenry looks like a keeper. Sisco I wasn't impressed with.

MacKenzie needs to go. Teams continue to play well against him.

I'm confused on Tristan Jackson because he is a good returner (much better then Dressler?) and as a DB played very good? Chamblin doesn't seem to believe in him based on how often he was a healthy scratch.

West I'd get rid of and look for another impact player like Sheets or Sanders.

FB, I think we need some new blood though Hughes probably played better then in the last few years, he's getting old.

I'd look to a new DC and OC for coaching. Our offense was vanilla, nothing new to stretch defenses or even trick plays? Other teams run more complicated offenses with much more options for the QB.

Special teams looked good all year, no changes there.

Another TE would be good to push Willis and Hawkins. LBs seem okay with but injuries did hurt us a bit.

Kicking and punting, rotating door so take whomever gives us the best shot at both. The new punter for the playoff game did very well for his first CFL game ever.

Saskatchewan might be a contender along with 5 other teams. But improving from average to elite level is harder than improving from bottom to average. Some teams seem unable to advance further such as Hamilton.

Thats what it is all about. BC has become very elite right now but they did have some O line issues all season with injuries ( In BCs defense their the fabian siuation was un professional and I could see Buano wanting no parts of him and trading his rights away). A lot was said about how great a lot of these new receivers were but they had to use Andrew Harris like a work horse almost leading the team in receiving as well as rushing ( Although the one that is the real deal is courtney Taylor and Canadian Gore Remember though Gore was in an NFL training camp in 2010 making it to last cuts so he is a free agent I think so I am sure the NFL has been keeping tags on him). when RBs get used that much in the pass game they tend to wear out quickly career wise. there are always exceptions.
What I liked about Saskatchewan is that as soon as Jock Sanders was Healthy and intergrated into the offense they did not hve to use sheets as much. Then Sanders got hurt and Brandon West got his shot. Although not as good as Sanders it did take a lot of the load off of Sheets. BCs defense was awesome but what comes with awsome comes pay raises and a tight salary cap for at least the 2013 season. The TV deal should enable the cap to get raised to a reasonable amount. For now I will want to wait and see if BC can sustain this level of play past this season as they were not really as dominate as they may have appeared. at 40 something Mccallum is a groing injury away from it being a career for him.

I don’t think Milo should just place kick, I think he is a great punter, and would rather see him do that over place kicking.

And yes 2013 will be a Grey Cup for the Riders and will make us the 100th Canadian team to win the Grey Cup :rockin:

That may be the way it does work out as Milo is currently a top punter for sure. If that is the case I can not see the Riders being happy going into 2013 with a home grey Cup on the line with Deangelous as the place kicker.
Aside from Milo getting a chance to win the place kicking job due to him already being on the Riders I dont think they would want to start the season with an young unproven place kicker prospect either.

The big reason that will result in a Rider win in the 2013 Grey Cup, is the weather. Lets face it, the weather on the prairies is not something that the teams that play in domes look forward to playing in. The success of the Riders depends on how many home games they have in the playoffs.

What happened in 2010 then?

Home field for them in a Grey Cup will definitely be an advantage but as for the weather no advantage in playoffs with both EDM and CAL playing in the same conditions at home as well