Reasons jesse may be overhyped by hamilton fans.....

  1. never went south on a scholarship
  2. didnt get invited to the nfl combine
  3. didnt get drafted
  4. didnt sign a fa contract till a week after the draft
  5. didnt play an nfl snap in seattle
  6. got cut a week early in washington
  7. went to mac
  8. dad had a strangle hold on media giving him more hype than the entire team or any player in recent history
  9. second daddy was head coach of hamilton

so far thats all i can think of.....i know everyone is sick of the jesse thing including me but i cant get over the interest its staggering. anyways feel free to add some of your own

Eveywhere he's been he's produced.

??? i agree with hamilton and mac but i almost cant count mac because canadian university football horrible. however i would hardly call a run here and a catch there producing he got cut in seattle before he touched the field and washington a week early how can that be producing because someone took notice on two or three plays??

daddy was head coach of hamilton
Tiger-Cats?...head coach?

...if he was and I missed it, my apologies..

marshall ... the quote was second daddy

when was his dad ever head coach, and Jesse is still a really talented player

Gotcha...(I thought the word "second" was a typo and left it out when I quoted you)

I'm new.... :lol:

are you guys serious.... i said his second daddy...let me explain the obvious. marshall was the head coach at mac and coached jesse. jesse had the benefit of getting drafted by marshall and thus trading davis so he can play. and yes he is talented. just way way overhyped. almost every cfl player has been to nfl camps and cut some even played seasons however jesse can be touted as the teams saviour if he returns.

no problem mikey. ill forgive you because your a rookie lol.

#1- totally agree with that one, come on, he played high school ball in burlington, its not like he played in texas against the schools like odessa periman.

#2-was never good enough for the combine, nobody had even heard of him, once they saw Canadian RB from McMaster they probably laughed and asked if it was a junior college.

#3-Obviously nobody would draft, when they could actually use a pick on a kid with real talent and went to a credible school.

#5-There was no way that a team like seattle on their superbowl run in 2005 was going to waste snaps or reps on him.

#6-When you can get a workhorse like TJ Duckett, obviously you cut him.

#7-Ive said it many times, this town overhypes anybody that stays home.

#8- Couldnt have said it anymore better, its almost a joke the amount face time both of them get on sportsnet. Maybe they should try and hype up a canadian kid that has doen something in the states.

#9- Daddy #2 kissed his butt too much, and gave him too much.

Hopefully the Lumsden hype quiets down when people realzie he’s another overrated MAc player like Ben Chapdeleine, Jon Behie, Aidoo, etc.

Except for his NFL cups of coffee, yes.

It's not an issue of hype -- he won the Hec Creigton, for cripes sake -- so what is the measure? He did well last season with the Cats, no? Hype?

Some people have an axe to grind because the guy has committed the sin of trying to maximize his coin in a finite playing career due to some nationalist voyeuristic voodoo, IMHO.

The kid can play. Eric Lapointe play. Which means a top-flight Canadian back in this league who can be a factor on special teams and an excellent sub for a starting import back at a minimum.

That is where I see Jesse. A guy who can challenge for the starting HB job and push the import that Marcel would have in place year after year. Is that a bad thing?

If the Redskins experiment does not pan out (and he doesn't make their roster), it may be in Jesse's best interest to sign a 2-plus-an-option deal with the Cats, improve his resume, and then see what his prospects for the NFL are down the road. I feel that if he gives that route a try, he will find that the coin he will be able to get here (let alone the perks of adulation and sponsorship opportunites locally are concerned) may be enough to keep him in Canada long term. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,

Ah, yes, the well-known Neil Lumsden Factor. Most of us know by now that Neil personally controls virtually every media outlet in the country. Perhaps it's inevitable given the position of power he holds as ... um ... what's his current job again? No matter, also by virtue of his completely unique status in Canada as a former CFL player. We all know how media types turn into fawning little schoolgirls at the mere mention of the CFL.

I don't think the story needs repeating, but as an FYI for those who were out of the country, Paul Martin has attributed his election loss to his failure to effectively court Neil Lumsden, in contrast to Harper, who parlayed Lumsden's support into favourable editorials across the country.

All hail Neil! Despite his position of absolute power, he rules over us with the utmost of compassion and good intentions.

Wow.... and I never knew

And every time he's gotten the ball he's done something with it, same with that shrine college game he went to he had about 50 yards in that game.

The problem is he is white, NFL coaches are baffled as to why a white kid was allowed to play running back for so long. In the states, at a young age, white kids are used as safety's, and in the NFL I wouldn't be suprised at all if he was asked many times to switch to safety.

I believe you are mistaken. It was actually Lancaster who ran Martin's campaign into the ground. :wink:

john riggins was great white RB, its true that whites dont really play RB in the modern nfl, but come on, face it, he lacks the talent to be a back in the nfl.

also the shrine game is BS, no college-all star game has any effect on nfl success, there is a big difference between the shrine bowl and the pro bowl. ya dig me?

plus at those college-all star games they worry more about how your practice in drills leading up to the game, and they watch how you study and prepare for games, and then they go from there, and its obvious lumsden struggled with these aspects, and combined with his lack talent explained why he was not drafted.

Overhyped? You guys kill me.(that is, the "the all powerful NFL is diminished by having even invited a CIS kid to camp" crowd)

Point number 7 is enough, and the fact that he's a local kid.

Now you may be too young to remember, but there was a time before cynicism became the nation's religion, when people everywhere were happy to see a local kid do well. Those days may be gone but us simple folk, we don't learn so good...

Some Ticat fans are also Mac fans, followed JL's career there, know him on and off the field, and wish him well wherever he goes. Some would even like to see him continue his career here if it helps the team. Nobody's saying the NFL owes Jesse anything, but good on him if he gets a shot.

Now of course the omnipotent Neil is holding my neck while I type this, but I erk...ech... unph

I agree with almost everything you are saying here, I believe all the fans who think Jesse is our knight in shining armour might have their judgement clouded by the fact that he is a local product.

But, I will say one thing. The one good thing about him plying his trade in the NFL, is that hopefully he is learning some of the finer aspects of being a running back from the coaches in Washington and Seattle. (Things like pass protection, receiving skills, keeping his pads and centre of gravity lower, etc.) And then bring that extra knowledge and some confidence back up here when he eventually returns.

I wish him all the luck in the world, but I too don't think he is all people crack him up to be.

Thats fine but lets be careful when we try to distinguish between the bias which being a mac fan can bring and logic which would prove that he is way way overhyped. talented yes. nfl star no. i dont care where he plays but i know one thing he will never live up to his billing....and thats not a slight on jesse just a fact.

Are you positive that no future stars have played in the Shrine game and then went on to be a star ? How do you know this ? Most of the bowl games are just bull because they are just games played between teams who are not even close to being the best teams .

So if a player comes up here and say they played in the Sugar Bowl are we supposed to be impressed . Isnt that just an all star game too ?? We`ve had players come here from big time schools and they cant cut it ,How do you explain that ??

Do you know which school the greatest reciever of all time went too ?? Michigan ? Ohio State ? USC ? Nope , he went to Mississippi Valley State University . Ever heard of it ?? Didnt think so . Jerry Rice was pretty good wasnt he ??

We should be impressed by Jesse and what he has done so far . He was, like you say, undrafted and worked hard to get an invite down thier and here he is on the verge of maybe being on a taxi squad and after that it only takes one injury for him to get on the roster . Then an undrafted ,Canadian universty player will be on an NFL roster . Pretty impressive i think !!!!

By the way , I love Canadian University ball, some play in the CFL most just play cause they love football . All the while they are getting the grades in class otherwise they wouldnt be on field . Novel idea , dont you think ???