Reasons for tonights loss

  1. What was the ref on tonight when Maas was hit late and no call but we got a call on Gordon for the exact same thing but wasn't no where as close.

  2. Boreham showed improvement however he missed a really crucial field goal

3)Turnovers once again were a killer

4)Defense still is lacking big time

....want one reason you lost?....on the final pass to Rambo, after he caught the ball and went down no one touched him, ye tthe refs blew the whistle and stopped the clock with 2 seconds on it.......theoretically the time should hav eran out.....sorry....

From the rulebook:

When a ball carrier is on the ground and, in the judgment of the official, is not attempting to advance the ball the official shall immediately declare the ball dead.

Was this case tonight?

  1. The offense was, once again, too predictable, with few, if any, pass attempts of 20+ yards until the 4th quarter.

  2. Maas was seldom given enough time to find open receivers, if there were any.

  3. There did not appear to be many adjustments made at halftime.

Any others?

Those are 3 other good observations

Thanks, but I hoping there could be another three so we could make this into some sort of top 10 list.


And maybe I could come up with a few more.

8 ) The team wasn't always disciplined, taking penalties at bad times.

  1. Some caled the pass interference call against Goss questionable, and that Cody appeared to recover that fumble. (Marshall did want to challenge that.)
  1. Maas could not always handle situation in which he had little time to get passes off.

Well, that's ten. Any others? Because some might say ten isn't enough. There has to be more wrong with the team than that.


Both teams tried to give the game away. Despite Calgary's better offensive numbers, they tried harder but the officials wouldn't let them.

Considering all the times this year the Cats have been nailed (for roughing the QB) plus the earlier similar "hitting a sliding QB" call against Gordon, it's atrocious the refs let that "one" go (no wait, not "one", but 2 Stamps that came in late).

If the penalty had been called (as it should have), Cats have the ball at about the 20 yard line with 3 new downs and less than 40 seconds on the clock (Stamps with no time out).

Game over, no field goal required and it becomes a non-issue.

This is one of those times when the refs DID help influence the outcome of a game. (and as with the missed field goal, if the penalty is called, the Cats defense not stopping the last drive becomes a non-issue as they wouldn't have been put in that position. That's not to excuse the poor defensive scheme/choice (prevent) which is Coach Reeds responsibility and fault).

Unfortunately, the CFL will just ignore and sweep under the rug another example of incompetent and inconsistent officiating.

(It seems to be another season of Cat QBs being fair game. Recall the helmet-to-helmet hits McManus took last year, especially the Esk's Gass hit, helmet-to-chin, yet no roughing calls.)


Any others ..... ya, to quote Rob Schneider from the movie "The Waterboy" ..... "Oh no, we $uck again !"

The plain and simple reason we lost last night was not because of officiating, which was a little questionable, but rather the same problems we had in that awesome season last year ..... the o-line didnt protect the backfield well, we threw what seemed like one hundred hitch passes, and our field goal kicker missed another one !!! How can we expect to win games when our offence doesnt score a touchdown. Frankly, other than the two plays on defence where we scored, Calgary didnt just beat us, but dominated on both sides of the ball.

newsflash -

Ticats got not only outkicked (1 field goal) but outpunted (about 10 yards a punt) last night - what else is new

these two problems are killers in close games

but remember it is important that they are Canadian kickers and punters - forget that imports could improve this phase of game

result of this approach - 22-23 loss

get used to it

It's a Catch--22. Maas doesn't throw deep because he doesn't have time. He doesn't have time because he doesn't threaten to even throw deep so the LBs and DBs play up close and put more pressure on the O line which means less time for Maas to wait for receivers to get downfield. Boreham is accurate from short range at best which means the opposition can give up short gains and keep the Cats out of his range. Same with Maas--he can't put it over with a long pass so the opposition knows as long he's out beyond the 30, it's unlikely he'll pass for a TD.

All of this means that their drives tend to be brief which means lots of work for the D which gets tired and discouraged quickly.

Maas should throw deep once in awhile just to keep the opposition honest. He should also buy himself more time by rolling out further--stretch everything out.

Boreham was better last night but still a problem.

Sign Montford. If he's lost too much, cut him but at least bring him in.

An Argo fan

I find it interesting that the radio guys got excited that Maas's pass was only overthrown by a "yard"."But hey at least he threw it down the field"

here's the deal. 20 seconds on the clock, the cats have the ball on their 35 yard line. Need a field goal to win it, CAN THEY DO IT.....

that's the difference between a team with character and just a team...

I just want to add that Danny Mac was so good at reading defenses and had a quick release that he made the O Line look better then they were. So now you see just what kind of O line we have.

Yup! :expressionless: