Reason why Maas can't throw straight!!!!!!!!

I think it has to do with the size of the helmet, as I think he had a bigger one in Edmonton. Those big ears of his, cause pressure induced qb-itis, where the stuffing of his big ears into a too small helmet causes inner-ear and brain pressure. He sure looks relieved on the sidelines, when he can take off the too small helmet, and the fog clears up. The Cats have to look for a bigger helmet, or at least, make holes in the side of the helmet so his ears can stick out.


you are kidding me that a comment like that gets posted

i'll bet he could hear the sound of his grey cup ring ringing a few years ago.

maybe they could find him barry bonds' helmet size


You're just mad because you did not think of it first!

Man, given his truly pathetic performance at QB since joining the Cats, these criticisms are very mild. Last season, Maas couldn't even average a TD a game and this year is shaping up to be worse!!! The team is going into it's third game looking for its first TD!!! They don't score enough to win hockey games.

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