Reason TSN moved the Labor Day Game

I just posted on my Site why TSN Moved the Labour Day Game.
Personally I like to see the game at 1 or 4.
But it won't happen again any time soon.

Working late in Labour Day Classic


August 30, 2008
Scott Radley
The Hamilton Spectator

click here still doesn't make much sense

why the eastern game follows the western game.

If prime time is better

-- and few would argue that
even if they don't like it --

why not have the Toronto-Hamilton game at 7

followed by the Calgary-Edmonton game at 10

instead of at 4

so both are in the evening
in the respective home towns?

After all, if an evening game

is going to grab more viewers here,

wouldn't it do the same out west?

Radley is as snide as Kenny is inane.

He mocks the team and three down football in general yet readers are supposed to believe and care what he thinks?

We all know it comes down to money
Prime Time = Advertising Dollars
Since 7:30 Means More people Home.
Watching TV Maybe TSN or TSN II.
They hold game at 7:30 .

where lucky they did try for 8 PM.

Radley's name touched a nerve did it, Zone?

I, too, can only take so much of his
comedy approach to sports writing.


He has been at practice a lot these days.

Let's hope it is only until Kenny finishes his vacation,

if not, I hope he ditches that sappy comedy.

Well, look at it this way. Many people refer to this as ‘Hamilton’s Grey Cup’ (certainly not I). Guess what time the Grey Cup kicks off?

The way I look at it, a 7:30 Labour Day kick off means everyone in the country has an opportunity to tune in. That means we’re the big ticket, prime time…like Monday Night Football used to be.

Ockham: Part of me says you are right. But the other part of me remembers past Labour Day afternoons when the sky was blue and there is a hint of fall in the air. Perfect weather for football.

Love night games. More time to tailgate, Screen looks better at night.... not 30 degrees sitting there in black.

I hear ya.

Sept 6 and Oct 4 are 4 pm kick offs.

I'm with ya Crash!

That's the spirit, Crash, Cap'n.

It's that kind of can-do attitude that will get this city through hardships and adversity like 730 kickoffs on Labour Day.

We don't mind out West. The rematch game in Edmonton will be the lone primetime showcase for Friday Night Football at the end of the week, which makes me happy at least as then I don't miss the end of another game while heading to Commonwealth.

It doesn't bother me that TSN moved the game. So they want advertising dollars? That is what greases the wheels of a television station. It is much better exposure for the Cats as well.