Reaper anyone?????????

Reggie Hunt was released by montreal today, im thinking that the green and white should revitalize the Reaper, he was always my fav rider too

PLEASE!!!!!!! IMO if he plays in the CFL this year its with us... we have the biggest LB need, and Sask is probably the only place he can actually call home in Canada. RW RH SL.... oh yeah

Well he still lives here


Montreal played him out of position last season at MLB.

If you gave him a look see at his natural position outside, there might still be some gas left in that tank.

I hope so, i want to see him back

I would love to see the reaper come back. I would be suprised if it happened though.

He still wants to play in the league. Although he's put in a call to BC, and has expressed interest in playing with his brother.

Which is why I have my car idling, waiting to go out to the airport to greet him! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I would love to see the Reaper back in green and white, however, we can't even consider picking him up until his shoulder heals. And, yes he does call Regina home during the offseason, his wife and kids live here yearround. GO RIDERS, GO!!!!!
P.S. this is my 69th post, dudes!!! :rockin:

Yeah man

That's so cool! What a class guy!

He has a pretty good job with SaskTel lol

Lol really?


"Hello operator?"

"YEAH. Where you callin' at?"

Any news on this yet?????? Anybody hear anything?????

I can see hunt only going to 2 different possible places.. And those two places are playing tonight ( BC to be with his bro, or with us )

I'd LOVE to see Hunt be reunited with his natural green awesomeness. Aswell i'd like to toy with the possibility of armor from calgary.. I dont care if he hits hard in practise.. As long as he hits HARDER in the game.

Both these players are great and we have a need to fill.

EXCITED I LOVE FOOTBALL! sooooo flipping happy its back!

Reports were that Wally used the opportunity to meet Reggie for an interview, and that there was an offer on the table.

Ya according to Cuthbert and Suits that's what was happening DAMN!