Really, what is the point...

...of a news conference anymore these days?....'s not like there is anything 'new' being reported in them anymore, everyone knows exactly what has transpired at least 24 hours in advance...

...just ranting....

Just a formality I guess... :lol:

because until the conference, its just marty york

I enjoy press conferences. It's nice to see the personal side of athletes and their answers to some good questions instead of the same old post-game cliches.

I think it helps extend the coverage cycle. The Joseph trade is all over the news tonight (Wednesday), and will be in all the newspapers Thursday morning. Then the press conference will provide photo opps and interviews. That's enough new content to get on the Thursday evening news, and likely the Friday papers.

problem is, media very rarely asks good questions.

If only they could have press conferences with muzzles on the media.

…“if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”…(actual question posed to Joe Montana)…

i was watching CTV news last night. On the sports recap, the first thing they showed was the Leafs losing 4-1. Then they talked about the Toronto FC, then showed highlights of a soccer in England, THEN they announced the Joseph trade. Shows you how much they love CFL in Toronto.

That’s a reflection of the Toronto media, not the fans.

Hell yeah I'm sick of people dissing on Toronto as a whole because their media is out of whack with actual interests. TORONTO CFL fans represent.

btw, not from T.Dot.

Toronto media does what they do, because toronto citizens let them. If the people of toronto were not of the same view as their media, they would shut them up pretty fast.

Well, I guess the Toronna people who don't let them get away with it (CFL fans) are in the minority, but we do hear their voices. Props to the true double blue fans who hold it down.

Switch "Canadians" for Toronto citizens, and it's right back at you. Here, I'll do it for you:

Canadian media does what they do, because Canadians let them. If the people of Canada were not of the same view as their media, they would shut them up pretty fast.
OK, so what are you going to do? What's that you say ... not really within your power to dictate the order or tone of news stories? That's what I thought.

Excellent rebuttal, ExPat. Congrats.

dont be ignorant. If the majority was against the toronto media attitude to CFL, they would make it know. The would be tons of angry phone calls, letters, etc, not just a few. People would cancel papers, refused to listen to certain radio stations, tv news/sports shows, etc. They could make a difference. Just let regina media try to be like toronto media, they would be hung in effigy, then tarred,feathered and drove out of town in a load of manure.

I'm not sure if what you say about Regina is true. But I can guarantee you there is no topic on this Earth - never mind a sports-related topic - that would provoke that kind of response from the general population of Toronto just because of the way the media chooses to cover it.

Anyway, never mind the "what if" scenario. Can you remember a public reaction like the one you described to media coverage of any topic, ever?