really quiet on the GM front

i know its barely been a day since the division finals have been over but there has not been a peep of speculation since the cats fired marcel about a replacement. i thought some media type would have something by now, especially now what with obie now being available not to mention adam and greg mohns.

i wonder if SM is waiting for BT and only BT.


I believe since this past Saturday at midnight there is no announcements allowed because they will take away from the Grey cup. Nothing will be announced until after the Grey Cup.


This is true -- there is a de facto news embargo that all teams must adhere to.

Oski Wee Wee,

There's been lots of specualtion in all the papers.

Here's one example: ... cle/277498

Scott Mitchell has said that he hopes to make an announcement by the end of the month.

I can't remember where exactly I read it but Wally has given permission to anyone who wants to talk to Obee. I'll c if i can find the link eventually.

Heh! I got it!What about Tom wilson!He is stoned half the time and he will agree to anything!lol will be a long 10 day wait.
But in the meantime lets speculate.
Here's my two options as of today....

  1. Bob O'Billovitch. May look for an up and coming coach to replace Charlie but he could also still be old school enough to stick with Charlie.
  2. Brendan Taman. Close ties to Mitchell could mean a lot. He will definately want an up and coming coach. Adios Charlie.
    Both these guys are great talent spotters which is exactly what we need. Neither will have any allegiances to the coaches we still have.
    One proviso here with my options. They have an expiry date of midnight tonight. The fact that all is quiet on the GM front means anything can still happen.

mr 62 cats, can i ask you where the close ties between BT and SM originate? do they share the same agent or from when mitchell was a bomber? just curious because
you're right, that may be enough for BT to be the guy.
i am aware of the moratorium on any announcements but that can't include any team giving someone permission to talk to someone, that's hardly an announcement.
maybe SM is just looking to get permission from the bombers and that's it. in that case we won't hear anything until next monday but he'll be acting quickly because he wants to name his guy by the 1st. that gives him less than a week.



I saw it in a newspaper article recently. I think there was a link to it on this forum. Its also been mentioned in some posts.

Boy! I sure would like to see Greg Mohns back here in Hamilton. He did a great job when he was here and he's certainly done a great job with T.O.

CKNW Radio reported that Wally will give Hamilton permission this week to talk to O'Billovich.

On my Blog I talk about the GM Search.
a Real Dark Horse may be coming into Play.
But is Obie still our Front Runner ?

Read and Talk about it ..

Obie is part of the Buono QB school. Although I think you have two pretty good QBs already!

I'm not sure about Greg Mohns.

When he left his player personnel position with Hamilton for the same position with one of the U.S. CFL teams (Memphis), he conveniently "lifted" 5-6 players from the TiCats player list to take with him.

The only one I can remember is Adrion Smith who eventually ended up starring with the Argos.

IIRC, the Cats did complain, the League acknowledged an impropriety had occurred and responded with some minor compensation for the Cats (some of the U.S. team's draft picks?).

I don't know if I want that type of person (Mohns) on my "team".


Buckwheat: There was a report in the Toronto Sun yesterday which was critical of Mohns and Adam Rita for failing to get the most talented players available over the past couple of years. The report said they took too many castoffs (words to that effect) and left the A___'s vulnerable.

The comments of Darrell Davis sports writer
with the Regina Leader-Post ties in with
what the Toronto Sun sports writer said.

The Leader-Post (Regina) Wed 21 Nov 2007

Darrell Davis

Around The CFL

Check out the brown coloured comments from
the bottom of Darrell Davis's column, Mr62Cats.

'...{Brad] Watters is expected to replace Keith Pelley
as president of the Toronto Argonauts.

.. More potential moves from the Boatmen:

Head coach Michael Clemons is expected to leave
his job and take another position in the organization.

Defensive Co-ordinator Rich Stubler, who has been
promised the job of head coach, would move up.

That leaves Offensive Co-ordinator Steve Buratto in limbo.

How about Buratto going to Hamilton
as the Tiger-Cats head coach?

Argonauts G.M.Adam Rita is interested
in being Hamilton's General Manager.

Rita would hire Buratto to replace Charlie Taaffe.

B.C. personnel director Bob O'Billovich
is the other leading GM candidate for Hamilton.'

Leave Steve Burrato behind.

His game plan for the Eastern Final
was an absolute disaster.

I hope O'Billivich gets the job, he is a real good canditate. As for a new coach, it seemed to me that some of Taaffe decisions made this year were of the bone head variety, (atleast a couple per game) so it would be good to see him go and maybe hire a Greg Marshal or a Ritchie Hall, although I wouldn't want to see Ritchie leave. But as Hamilton being my second favorate team with the second best fans in the league it wouldnt be to bad.

All quiet ....Not for long my friend...

hey ron from tigertown, can you provide a link to the darrell davis piece about the gm situation please, i cant seem to find it.

thank-you, city legend

great geycup time!Gossip is the main menu come down for all you can get!