Really Mixed Feelings on Printers

First, I loved his football ability and only hope that he wasn't a short-term wonder. He was a REALLY exciting player- no doubt. This suggests some exciting games coming up.

Short-term.... is Casey a West-Coast Offence kind of guy? I don't think so. If he comes up here this year then the playbook will be severely screwed up for a while. (Actually, I hope that it is! That would suggest that we CAN adapt.)

What bothers me is that I'm not a fan of huge egos. Maybe he's changed. I'm not putting this down to his attempted move to the NFL. I remember following his careed in BC. His quotes, his outrageous personal website (which was an exercise in self-glorification) were really over the top. His departure from BC left a lot of team mates happy, as I understand it.
He certainly fits the stereotype of the QB as the top-gun, #1 guy.

I just hope that he's matured... that's all.

Have to agree with you.....

However, Maas did/does seem the mature, go-getter, who's going to give you his all... but that didn't work out!!

On ability alone I'm willing to give Casey my support. Hopefully he does adapt and work out.

Oski said... You get an option attack, play action, and all the extras that can be added to a WCO. The stop-and-go patterns they will be able to use now...LOL

Note to safeties: get you head on a swivel.

Hey Russ- Maybe you can educate me on this because I'm a bit confused. The WCO is timing and control, isn't it? Printers was an improv kind of guy.

How do you mix the two? I'd sure love it.

Mark, I hear you. Remember though that the expanse that is the CFL field does take the pinpoint accuracy requirements of the NFL variety and let’s the thing breathe a bit. The margins of error are greater because the windows are bigger.

Casey has a freaking GUN for an arm. Put that on the kind of feet he has…ought to be fun.

It will not be perfect, but be assured. Defences will fear our offense. Soon.

Oski Wee Wee,

the west coast is about timing patterns and short-passing game, casey's strength is his rocket arm and his improvisation skills and scrambles, the cats would need a spread offense, and allow casey to make audbiles and pass block changes.

What? the WCO is designed for scrambling q.b's, the system is based on going through 3 quick reads then taking off.

the west coast isnt really designed for scramblers, its a short passing game and needs quick decision makers, the west coast is a reason why vick sturggled in atlanta, the west coast works for guys like favre, montana, hasselbeck.

And Chang

Watch old Steve Young tape.

He will become a more disciplined QB as his footwork progresses in a WCO system if he has time to grow in it. I am certain Casey's footwork has been worked on a lot, even with the streamlined Al Saunders multiple offense in KC.

WCOs require the QB to make reads and distribution based on his footwork, with route depth being tied to QB drops in the pocket and subsequent bounces. The QB learns to evacuate the pocket or throw it to Grandma in Row 3 if the checkdowns are covered. In the case of Young, a healthy Donovan McNabb, etc. a WCO-trained QB learns to improvise off that timing. Printers's scrambling and ability to throw on the run will cause LBs to have a nightmare (especially OLBs). A guy like this ccan move the pocket to his right, pivot, and hit a streaking Lumsden on a wheel option behind an OLB caught in no man's land. Delicious.

Oski Wee Wee,

Ya but when those quick reads are covered you need someone who can scramble and buy more time. You're forgetting that Montana was a scrambler, also other great WCO q.b's like Young and Mcnabb and Garcia as well as Gannon and Favre and Matt aren't scramblers but they do buy that extra time in the pocket.

Young, McNabb, Garcia... LMAO

Steve Young. 'Nuff said.

Depends on the "guy," not the "type." The matter above the shoulders is the crucial aspect.

Oski Wee Wee,

Thanks Russ. Now if only we can find a Jerry Rice clone....

scrap the WCO, move to a spread offense and move the ball deep, the ticats need to go to a vertical passing game, none of this timing bs, i wanna see big plays, take advantage of printers' arm, WCO is only good if you have an old guy with no arm like flutie or damon allen.

only good if you have an old guy... like flutie or damon allen.
Boy... some things are sure relative. I consider Damon and Doug to be fresh-faced kids!

Geroy likes Casey. ROFLMFAO... :wink:

Seriously, route running in Canada IS important, but you can be a decent route runner with ROCKETS like Winfield and blow the competition out of the water with the right deep-armed QB. I think Armstead and Ralph can have big boosts in their performance because Casey will hit them in stride more often in intermediate zones that Jason could. Whether moving in the pocket to buy time or simply drilling it, Casey will be able to hit those guys on slants across the middle as an example.

He needs a Geroy-type chemistry with a reliable possession receiver. I expect Bauman will also improve because Air Printers will take pressure off everyone because of the added offensive pressure he can bring to the table.

Oski Wee Wee,