Really, it was just a matter of time...

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…as seen on the front page, Higgins has been relieved of his position…

Thats too bad. Seemed like a classy guy. Bet it wont take him long to "catch on" some where.

Thanks Tom but you really did have three years to get it done. Sorry you did not accept the position offered. Good luck in your future endeavours.

I feel bad for Higgins talk about getting screwed. You would have thought the Stampeder management would have had the class to tell Higgins after the season ended about the switch. But then again they screwed Wally around to.

Yeah, but Wally was in the F-Troop regime. I give the current Calgary management more credit than that. Although the rumour talker should be found out and fired. That had to be a distraction for the Stamps last week.

Higgins is a good coach. He has got the nucleaus of a great team. When Stamps are winning next year I hope they realize that in part he put most of it together. One more season and he would have shown it on the field. He will be with another team next year as he is to good not to be. He has probably fielded calls already from different teams.

Maybe Popp in Montreal will do the right thing and Hire Higgins and just to the GM job.

...and leave him swinging in the wind for weeks?, that wouldn't have been the right thing to do...but given your alias I doubt anything the Calgary club does would satisfy you....

....anyway, good luck to Tom, I'm surprized he didn't take the mgmt role either but maybe the money wasn't right, who knows...he'll be in the east next year, coach in Montreal or TO, maybe GM in steeltown...

...Tom is a super person, perhaps one of the best in this league (Him and Pinball ranked 1a and 1b)....but the reality is this club peaked in his year one regime and slid down for two years with perhaps even better talent being introduced every year...

I am shocked. Especially after all the denials
that came from Ted Hellard.

higgins gets fired cuz burris cant hold onto the football come november., I doubt that is the reason why...but you're entitled to your opinion anyway....

Well, I'd say the Eskimos are looking for an offensive coordinator, but I don't know... :lol:

Sounds like a crummy situation. Best of luck to him next season if he is picked up.

I'm sure there were no plans on him coaching next year anyways, but I'm guessing the role he was supposed to move into originally was no longer in the plans either.

well, isnt higgins fired for being 0-3 in the playoffs, yet its always burris fumbling and throwing picks that costs the team the wins?

...again DG, you're entitled to your opinion...I don't relate the two....besides, it was common knowledge that Tom was going whether he won the GC or not so that kind blows your theory....

Someone on the TSN site had a good idea about Higgins and Chapdelaine in Hamilton. Not a bad idea.

I can believe that, Hamilton always seems to be needing to hire new people....

Well, we know they definitely need someone on the defensive side... Zeke made that clear. But I guess offence will have to suffice.

The one thing he did for Burris was to help settle him down. Burris did make significant improvements this year.

While I think Higgens is a good coach, I don't think he is cut out to be head coach. It is interesting though he turned down the excutive position.

I wonder if he is heading to Montreal or Toronto.

I guess there is no decision on GM Barker, even though it is rumoured that Huffnagel will do both HC and GM.