Really Is a Downer

26,070 - not bad!

they used to pack Commonwealth stadium in the 70’s and 80’s. BC place use to be 50k for a lot of games. Winnipeg used to draw better. Montreal drew 68k to Olympic stadium for a regular season game. Toronto of course too I went to a game where they had 50k at the Skydome. Like WHERE have these people gone?

And to the guy who says how many games I go to? I live in London if we got a team I’d buy 4 season tickets. Just like I have 4 season tickets to the London Knights. Even went to the one CFL exhibition game we had here years ago.

Just don’t understand the apathy today. I guess outside of hockey and big events like the Grey Cup Canadians aren’t really into attending sporting events in person. But it looks terrible on TV for the CFL

Fair enough

I assume in places like Calgary and Edmonton, ticket prices are a big problem. The league should be more concerned with the game day experience for fans in the stadium. It definitely plays a part in fans thinking the fans are becoming more apathetic and the league is trending downwards.

That's one thing the league has going for it. If the facilities existed, there could be many more franchises.

I wouldn't call it apathy - I would call it "lack of interest"; no one is required to like or enjoy watching any particular form of entertainment, including the local CFL team. And, "entertainment" is what it is. Do we ask why someone was apathetic about a particular movie, concert, etc, etc? The idea that the local pro-sports team is owed fan-loyalty is a largely dead concept - and there is lots of competition for that entertainment $.

I’m sure all the fans who normally attend those games were watching on TV, just like thousands of former season ticket holders and former walk-up ticket buyers. It’s too cold, too hot, raining, etc. The real reason is their 55-inch HDTV is just too enticing at home.

I said when the league decided to televise all home games a couple of years ago, it would lead to the demise of the league. Maybe other major leagues can lift blackouts and survive but the CFL is just too great of a televised sport that it will lure away many fans from attending games, especially on inclement game days.

Some claim you shouldn’t or can’t blackout games today. So be it, but it doesn’t alter the fact the league will not survive if fans don’t attend games live anymore.

Maybe in the old days fans would bundle up with blankets on cold games because they didn’t want to miss the action. Now there’s little reason to endure that discomfort with your 55-incher sitting at home and all home games televised.

I still think the main factor in smaller crowds especially in the big metropolis’ is distance. As more and more immigrants head to our cities, they expand. Now you don’t need to live anywhere near Toronto to get almost everything Toronto HAD to offer before. There are good hospitals outside of the city now. There was a ‘great white exodus’. ALL of my friends have moved out of the city in a 70-80 mile radius. They are all devout CFLers but a 150 mile round trip to a congested city is not to be taken lightly. If you look at where the games are being watched, I’ll bet there are not a whole lot of people watching who live IN Toronto/GTA. The TV sets in that 70-80 mile radius are humming though.

If anyone thinks 70 miles is nothing, try doing it with a 100,000 other vehicles and hundreds of stop lights. It can take up to 21/2 hrs to get to the BMO from where I live. An hour and a half is a really good time. Volume is the deterrent in my case.

TSN is the league's Sugar-Daddy? TSN pays each CFL team about $4M per season. The Bombers and Riders spend over $30M per season. The bulk of that extra revenue is from ticket sales. If the CFL relied upon TSN the average player salary would be around $10,000.

The bulk of that extra revenue is from ticket sales.
This will be and is an issue for the CFL and how they can deal with this in case attendance at games and revenue from people attending games isn't meeting their expectations in order for the league to be able to pay the players enough for the league to be looked as "big time" especially in the large cities where perception is almost everything when it comes to what people expect from a professional sports league. I think this is an unfortunate and quite sad expectation, myself, but I think there is a fair bit of reality to this. It's going to be a rough time for the CFL IMHO as time goes on. I don't envy the commissioner's job at all. Or the BoG for that matter.

October is a tough month sporting wise. Every League is playing. By this time some CFL teams are clearly out of it, and young facing the same team for the third or fourth time. Just shows the need for the Schooners and a 16 game schedule imo.

What is this "mile" thing of which you speak Yankee? :wink:

Which is why other leagues like Australian Rules Football and Premier League Soccer have multiple franchises based in multiple venues in major metropolitan areas.

I aint no Yankee. 70 miles in communist terms is about 110 kilometres. BTW how is the kilometreage on your vehicle ? ;D

Miles go back to ancient Roman times. A Roman mile was how far 1000 steps by a soldier would cover. It worked quite well for them, they took over the world. It did become standardized and then the Brits took it over and it became our mile. Like all units of measurement, it really doesn't matter what method you use. Because people use kilometres does not mean it will be forever. There are eight methods of measuring heat. Which one is right ?

Oh yeah, my football team tries to get yards, not metres. :wink:

Maybe they should move the team then to missisauga or a near by suburb where there’s lots of support.

I'm in my fifties, and it's so strange for me for somebody to speak in terms of miles or Fahrenheit.

We bought a new home recently and for some reason the old owners had a one of those smart thermostats but it's in Fahrenheit only. I nearly broke the damn thing trying to figure out how to get it to switch to Celsius, so I know what to set the temperature at.

Who the hell buys a new thermostat that's Fahrenheit only? And for that matter where the hell you would buy it? Cranks 'R Us?

……This whole Fahrenheit /Celsius thing was brought to us by Pierre Trudeau…you know the father of our present PM…everything was going along quite well until something fell from the sky on Pierre and he decided we needed to have a more European look…even though our biggest trading partner (US of A) kept the old standard measurement… As an example, confusion reigned supreme, as lumber yds…(which deal in feet and inches) kept the old standard and still does today…Everything in Canada was done with the old measurement before Pierre …Old school guys like myself hated the switch as we were taught and only thought in terms of the old measurement until we had this foisted on us…Anyway it is what it is and you change with the times… However I still find myself thinking in terms of Fahrenheit as far as the weather goes and find myself using a simple conversion to get to Celsius…All in all I find the whole thing an exercise in unncessary stupidity …Just my opinion

….There is no confusion however, with the fact that our stadiums do look like they contain a large amount of seating disguised as fans… Attendance wanes because a club has no postseason activity…that’s a fact and one we’re stuck with…It does reflect badly on the league though, when we see televised games showing empty chasms which are supposed to be attended stadiums …What the cure for that is a good question for the league and it’s officials

Papalooza who knows what the answer is outside of hockey Canadians just do not support their teams. I mean look at the Blue Jays they’re supposedly so huge in Toronto but they were drawing under 10k for the last monthin Toronto the stadium was basically empty. That 25k they were announcing were figments of their imagination

Outside of the GRey Cup the World Juniors and a couple of Team CAnada soccer games the masses don’t get amped up to support sports in CAnada why I do not know?

And don’t mention the Trudeau name wonder where his son is vacationing today?

On the plus side though I think Canadians may be more active with their leisure time enjoying nature with walks and biking on trails which more cities are building as part of the new urban active lifestyles. It’s free, well apart from your taxes paying for trails. This is much better for overall health than sitting in stadiums and arenas and just watching others be active. And spending money on pro sports if money is tight for your personal situation. Why not spend a thousand on a new bike instead of say seasons tickets for pro sports if you have to watch your money. For myself, I’ll spend the money on the bike and use it whenever I want.

The days of pro sports with many people attending paying high ticket prices are going to be reserved for people with money that have a lot of discretional type income and funds. And businesses of course.

And as televisions become better and better, well I feel connected watching sports on TV, I simply don’t need to be in the stadium to feel connected as a spectator. Cable is really a bargain to watch live sports and so convenient you can be cooking watch the game, have your drink in the living room, perfect weather. Or just tape the game and watch at your convenience. It’s tough to beat as I say for the price point if money is an issue.

It’s called no-shows. Crappy weather combined with recent terrible play by the Esks resulted in a crowd of 20,000 at Commonwealth. Maybe slightly less. So that’s around 7,000 or so who decided to not attend the game. With a 56,000 seat stadium that means nearly 2 out of 3 seats were empty.