Really Is a Downer

Was pumped to watch the big Eskimos Red Blacks game before Leafs Caps. Turn on the TV and they’re about to kickoff and the stands look like they’re empty. Thats a real downer. And it looks really bad on TV.

CFL’s problem is the fans don’t show up for games. Such apathy. That place should be packed yet it’ll be half empty. Is that a marketing problem or just apathetic sports fans? And I mean if the home city doesn’t care why should I?

Edmontons only problem is that they have a big stadium.

They average the same attendance as the Riders

I'm curious
How many games have you been to this year?

It is what it is. I TRY not to notice. All we can do is enjoy the League while we can.

I’ve been channel surfing all afternoon between the CFL games and some of the NCAA games and the crowd contrast does really jump out at you. But what are you going to do? It is what it is.

They do - in a city almost 3.5 times larger than Regina!

NO WORRIES< MATE — Winnipeg, which is double the size of Regina (or slightly more) had a sparse weather-related crowd. . . . . perhaps only 20,000 in the yard . . . . of course they’ll proudly announce 25,000 cuz the pre-sale and wallpapering were high this week - and tons of those freebies and season-ticketters refused to expose themselves to slightly fugly weather!

Today’s attendance (both games) is ammunition for people who want the season moved up. People just don’t want to sit out in the cold when they have a 60 inch HDTV at home.

The fact of the matter is that while I will never give up my season tickets. Its getting harder and harder to justify going to the game

They used to show the challenge on the score board but now they would rather pan the crowd

They used to show a measurement on the board but now they play music and show kids dancingin the stands

TV timeout after TV timeout after TV timeout!

You always hear how its a gate driven league…but the guy who pays his hard earned dollar has to wait so that the guy who didn’t pay a cent does not miss anything.

And then as mentioned…60 inch HD with pause and infinite replay

Good for you. Thumbs up!

I need to do more to support Hamilton.

It’s about TV for most and this was mainly a great game to watch regardless how many show up for games. I know I keep repeating this but TV is the main thing, if not this league and every pro league other than true minor leagues is basically toast. Minor leagues like AA or AAA baseball (major league affiliate though pumps millions into these minors leagues), no question, there is no TV so it’s about number of bums but that isn’t, thankfully, the case with the CFL.

With the salary cap despite attendance problems in the CFL, the CFL should be fine with TSN and CanCon.

The other beauty with the CFL is that the franchises aren’t worth much so it’s a lot easier to attract a variety of owners in case one wants to leave. A lot tougher for say the 3 MLS teams in Canada to try and find new owners to keep the team in these Canadian cities. Much tougher.

My point is expecting 50k to show up is nonsense.

Those days are over.

As you pointed out in the “Other Forum” (or maybe it was someone else), even the NFL is hurting.

I remember when I was a kid, the Washington Redskins had a waiting list of 20,000 (pulling that number out of the air) for Season Tickets. Now, no one goes. Why? Because, as my friend who lives in the area says, it’s a pain in the neck to get to the games, plus they are expensive, so people stay home and watch the games on TV.

Sadly, there is nothing we can do about it - HDTV is here to stay. Heck, it might get worse.

Fair enough but the crowds were very thin for both games today.


As CFL fans, we need to be grateful for TSN and the fact that MLS ratings are garbage. TSN is our Sugar Daddy and they will always ensure the CFL is around because they need the Canadian summer content.

Heard 27,100 were in Edm and it was -1C

Not very thin IMO

Havnt found attendance for Winnipeg

Wade Miller extremely reluctant (for various reasons) to release attendance figures when things are sparse. Can only speculate on the reasons!

Glad to be wrong.