Really disproportional scheduling

I have emailed the CFL two years in a row now to ask them to explain to me why their scheduling is so biased. I have yet to receive an answer, so I'll ask those of you on this forum.

This year the Montreal Alouettes play their first weekend game (pre-season and regular season, home or away) on Oct.2.
By this time, Saskatchewan will have played 9 weekend games,
Edmonton 8 weekend games,
Calgary 8,
Hamilton 7,
BC 5,
Ottawa 5,
Winnipeg 4,
Toronto 4.

Is it too much to ask for just 2 or 3 weekend games before the season starts to wind down? It's hard for Montreal fans who have to get up early every day to go to work to be subjected to consistent late weekday games. Yes, I know one can PVR the games, but c'mon, you know it's not the same.
Last year, Montreal had more Thursday night games than anyone. Here we go again this year.
I would really like an answer. I may not like it, but at least it will be an answer.

OK I'm gonna gueso the reason they have week night games is because they don't win enough to be prime time it's the sad truth but winners draw an audience and winners get the best air time which in our society is the weekend so as it seems unfair as a fan it's just business

Montreal's contract with McGill states that they can only play on Sundays at McGill after labour day Its been that way since day one....I don't know why
For road games, its just the luck of the draw

Except for the that they have the best record of all teams since returning to the league in 1996
And Friday night is the primest of Prime time

The stupid thing is not having Hamilton and Ottawa meet until wk 17 and 18.

2 years in a row.

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Both fan bases and CFL fans in general want to see these 2 get at it.

Montreal has some say in their schedule, my guess is they either asked not to have weekend games, or the stadium is unavailable.

All teams have a say in their schedule, the league can't set up a schedule by themselves. TSN also has a big say on the games because they are paying the $42 million and want to televise at the best possible days/times for ratings.
It looks like the CFL is trying to avoid Sunday games after Labour Day this year, there are only 4 this year and 2 are Als games and 1 Argo and 1 Riders game.
I'm sure if the Als didn't have the non-Saturday clause in their stadium contract and the BMO conflicts this year, there would only be the 1 CFL game on Sunday.

The Als contract stipulates Sunday games only after labour day :roll:

To ro1313

Montreal's contract with McGill states that they can only play on Sundays at McGill after labour day Its been that way since day one....I don't know why

Thank you for that info. I was unaware of that. Still don't know why some of their "away" games can't be on a weekend. I guess I'll survive.

"Only on Sundays"? but they are playing on Monday the 10th - Thanksgiving
It probably says "no Saturdays" after Labour Day

And Thanksgiving Monday

No Saturdays after labour would mean they would play on Saturday BEFORE Labour Or Thursdays, Fridays after labour day... but they don't

Its weeknights before, Sunday, and 1 Monday after labourday

After the schedule that the Argonauts have had the past few years, anything seems like an improvement.

No excuse for that. Especially for in Province/division rivals who could very well meet the following week in the playoffs. Just plain stupid

Once School is in McGill does not want any "outsiders" around their students during the week. The stadium is reserved for student athletics during the week, makes sense.

Not sure where and when I heard, but Montreal requested the dates due to overall fan request. I think it was due to the number of people in the area that go out of town on the weekends.

Sunday only because the team has to make the field available the day before for practice or walkthrough so the only way to do that on the weekend is to have games on Sunday.