Really Calvilo....?

I would of though the MOP finalist would of been J-Rich or Whitaker....If it was my choice I would of went with Richardson. Yes AC throws him the ball, but he does have to get open, even though he dropped that god damn pass sunday!

Richardson would have been my pick. If Lulay beats us this week it will likely go to him.

Je ne vois pas ce que Calvillo fait dans cette catégorie cette année, malgré ses 5 000 verges gagnées par la passe et les autres catégories où il se place en tête des quarts. À mon sens, Whitaker méritait d'y être avant lui. Richardson? Il aurait été un bon choix également, mais il a tout de même raté quelques attrapés importants cette saison.

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi on n'a pas désigné Maypray sur les unités spéciales. De toutes façon, les chances de Whyte sont nulles à cet endroit, compte tenu des saisons d'Owens et de McCallum.

I would have voted for Richardson, but good cases could be made for A.C. and Whitaker.

But the one that bothers me is Whyte as outstanding Canadian. Over Flory, Bourke, or Perrett ??!!

I doubt that very much. Calvillo has better stats than Lulay regardless of how the teams do head to head. Calvillo has better TD:Interception ratio, QB rating, yards passed, and completion percentage. He wouldn't have been my nominee for the team either but he is still better than Lulay. I personally wouldve gone Whitaker and Calvillo would be behind Whitaker and Richardson but this award is usually best QB of the year so he will probably get it

After watching the Argo game last weekend and, taking in Chad Owen's receiving and his great kick returns I would consider that Owens should get this award. He was without doubt the player most responsible for Toronto's win and my vote for MVP/MOP. I believe he also ran well in an end around play. The only thing he did not do was play defense!!!

For the Als,either Anthony or Brandon or Jamel could have been nominated/chosen/voted as most outstanding player. Personnally,my choice was/is Anthony; he deserves this nomination.

My only surprise,from the Als nominations, was Sean Whyte as top canadian; I definitely expected that our most outstanding offensive lineman would also be our top canadian.

I expect Anthony and Josh to be East nominees as most outstanding player and offensive lineman.


[url=] ... 17001.html[/url]
CALGARY - Years from now, when scouring the CFL record book, a curious mind might ask, ‘How did Jamel Richardson not win the MOP in 2011?’

It will be just as legitimate a question then as it is now, but the chances the Montreal Alouettes slotback has at being named the CFL’s most outstanding player went from slim to none Wednesday.

In choosing the Gibson’s Finest Players Awards, the Football Reporters of Canada members in each CFL city nominate players for that team.

So it’s the Montreal media who had the choice of whether to reward Richardson for a record-setting season.

They messed up by picking Als quarterback Anthony Calvillo instead.

Even other teams' receivers think Richardson should have gotten the nod:

[url=] ... 16976.html[/url]

“What else can you do?? said Stampeders receiver Ken-Yon Rambo, who took a backseat to Henry Burris for his team’s MOP award while leading the CFL in receiving in 2008.

“That’s a record-breaking season — nothing else needs to be said about that. Sometimes people see your efforts, and sometimes they bypass you.

“The only other player they could give it to was Brandon Whitaker. I thought they should have given it to Jamel.? [/i]

Nothing against Calvillo, because he's had a very good year, but the nomination should have gone to Richardson or Whitaker. If a receiver can't even get nominated with the stats Jamel has piled up in 2011, then a receiver will never win the award. This tendency to favor quarterbacks for MOP is ridiculous. I really think they should just have an award for each basic offensive position (QB, tailback, receiver, offensive lineman) and defensive position (lineman, linebacker, DB), so that QBs can earn recognition without receivers and running backs getting shortchanged.

Yeah, Richardson got skrewed... but what do you expect, Montreal reporters probably only knew Calvillo's name when they saw the ballot. Who's that Richardson guy ?

This tendency to favor quarterbacks for MOP is ridiculous. I really think they should just have an award for each basic offensive position (QB, tailback, receiver, offensive lineman) and defensive position (lineman, linebacker, DB), so that QBs can earn recognition without receivers and running backs getting shortchanged
Exactly. :thup:

Was scratching my head when I heard about Whyte being nominated.

Sad, but most likely true.

Some,on this Forum and CFL Forum, are too harsh on Montreal Media; furthermore, the CFL Head coaches also voted. Jamel was not skrewed/robbed. It was a though decision and I respect the Montreal Media and Head Coaches.

I agree with LeStaf when he writes: "Richardson?il aurait été un bon choix également,mais il a échappé trop de ballons" Had he caught Anthony's throw for a TD,with 16 seconds remaining, in last Sunday's game, he would probably be the choice and the Als would be in 1st place.

We seem to forget what Anthony did,in his first 17 games of 2011. He has had 11 300+ yards games; he's thrown for close to 5200 yards-fifth best of career- 653 more yards than Lulay,32 TDs to Lulay 28, 8 Int. to Lulay 10, % completion of 62.0 to Lulay 58.4 and rating of 99.2 tp Lulay 94.3. His main decline,compared with last years, is his % completion. A drop of roughly 7%.

Since some voters think that Richardson was robbed, I am positive that they will vote for Lulay as 2011 player.


I agree with most of you who thought that Richardson was the MOP for the team this year. I believe there is too much of a tendency to give QBs this award. Richardson rightly won this title at last year's Grey Cup game as did Cobourne in the year before. With the team winning the GC in 2002 Calvillo won the award as well as the $10 000 that goes with such. I would have given the 02 award to Copeland who had an outstanding receiving game that day and, was the player who scouped up the ESKS attempted short kickoff to finalize the Als win. Calvillo played an average game that day but, in my opinion was not outstanding!

This year Calvillo was not most not most valuable/ outstanding while Richardson picked up great YAC yards which upped AC's stats. I am very suprised at the Montreal sports writers.

If we're going to hold Richardson's drop against him, how about holding Anthony accountable for that 4th quarter pick in the first Calgary game? Or his abominable outing against Winnipeg, where he clearly should have been pulled by halftime? Every player has his ups and downs over an 18-game season. Richardson has been unbelievably consistent. The numbers don't lie.

He's had a good year but if Jamel catches for 100 yards on the weekend he's going to erase a record that's been standing since 1956, now granted Calvillo has a hand in that since he's at the other end of the pass. But if what Jamel did this year does not get you a MOP nomination, I don't know what you have to do. Maybe they should have a QB of the year award because in the CFL game the QB is so centric that the award almost always goes to a QB.

The question is, we all think that this could very well be AC's last season. If he wins MOP, can you retire as a MOP? Winning MOP kind of means MVP wich means you are still the best at what you do.

What I finally noticed is that unless Richardson has a huge game in B.C. Sunday he won't break 2000 yards. Granted he missed a game but that's something possibly more significant than breaking Patterson's team record for pass receiving yards, and certainly the standard by which those outside of Montreal might be more likely to judge his season by, given three other players have reached that particular mark in the league's history. It might even be this is part of why he didn't get the nod for MOP locally.

A quick check shows that none of the 2000 yard seasons meant that player won MOP either...