Reality ----

We have been spoiled for the last few season with very successful won lost record. Unfortunately, we cannot have mastery over the East conference & CFL year after year. I suspecty this will be reality check for us this season.
Is Hawkins party of this team?
Where is he?

C'est vrai qu'on ne doit pas s'attendre à rouler sur la ligue à chaque année. Mais cette équipe a encore beaucoup de talent, alors on peut exiger mieux que ce qu'on a vu jusqu'à maintenant.

Pour ce qui est de Hawkins, il était sur la liste des blessés il n'y a pas si longtemps. Et là, il n'est plus nulle part! Un autre Ezra Landry?

Definitely not realistic to expect our Als to dominate the division and the league year after year. However, I still want to believe that the team is coming together and has room for improvement. Worryingly, while the defense appears to be solidifying, the offense has been getting worse by the week. Let’s see what a full week of practice at home and a pumped-up crowd of 25,000 will do for our boys. :rockin:

As much as I would love the Als to post 15-3 records year after year, the fact that it is highly unlikely is what makes the CFL great. There is no one team that dominates every year, and no one team that sucks every year. It seems that every team has its moment in the sun. It's called overall parity.
That said, I am worried about Hamilton. If the Als don't add something to their predictable offence, and their rush and secondary don't pick up, I fear a long night.

I quite agree that the rest of the league has "caught up" to the Als. As GC champs, the whole league is gunning for you and the opposing coaching staffs have been very busy studying game film.

The Als O coaches will have to come up with less-predicatble, innovative plays that will keep the opposing Ds offguard. For the running game, we can't always expect Cobourne to get 30+ yards crashing up through the middle, no matter how well the O-line blocks.

The Als O will have to have plays such as FB draws, HB screens, reverses, end-arounds...etc. For this to work, however, timing and execution are critical. Also, you can't go to the well too often with such specialty plays. When such plays are well executed, however, opposing DHs and the secondary have to respect these formations, which in turn opens up passing lanes. For the passing routes, new wrinkles will also have to be added in order to fool the secondary. However, I am less concerned about this aspect. AC has lots of weapons there - they just have to be deployed better.

[quote] LeStaff a ecrit:
Pour ce qui est de Hawkins, il était sur la liste des blessés il n'y a pas si longtemps. Et là, il n'est plus nulle part! Un autre Ezra Landry?

Si vous regardez la charte de positions PDF pour le match contre les Lions, vous allez voir son nom sur la liste Inactif/Disabled. Jespere quil est pres a un retour parce que l`offensive a besoin de lui ou un type comme lui pour ajouter un peu de vitesse.

My expectation of Hawkins is that he will play a role similar to Dressler in Saskatchewan. He's got crazy potential if he can stay healthy.

C'est juste. Et je crois qu'on pourrait voir Desriveaux de temps en temps. Il a de bonnes mains et ça reposerait un peu Cahoon.

Je pense qu'a moins de quelque chose d'extraodinaire, Desrivaux va quitter Montreal a la fin de son contrat.

After checking the schedule, I discovered that this genius of a league braintrust has us playing four games in 18 days this month.

July 11 in Edmonton
July 16 in BC
July 22 in Montreal
July 29 in Montreal

That's effing criminal. And if you look at the rest of the league, no one has even close to the awful schedule we have during this time frame. Every team has at least seven days between games, maybe six days on occasion.

After reading the schedule, I must retract a good deal of my anger at the players and coaches. In fact, I commend everyone for keeping it together during such a grueling month and coming out of that nightmarish road trip with a 2-1 record.

Working with General Contractors the Als needed to have the flexibility in the event construction was slowed by bad weather or other unknowns. Otherwise they could have exposed themselves to huge overtive to meet their commmitments.

Let's just hope no one gets seriously injured.

I am not blaming the Als, Hfx. Far from it. I understand the need to leave healthy room for error. I blame the league for giving us this crazy season-opening western road trip instead of making it something like Hamilton, Toronto, Winnipeg, or even Toronto, Winnipeg, Sask, which would have been manageable Opening with Sask, Edmonton, and B.C.? Ridiculous. Scheduling three games in 12 days overlapping with this road trip? Even more ridiculous. Sometimes I think the league wants us to fail so that the rest of the East can gain a measure of respectability.

Oh sorry... I get what your saying now. Obvious manipulation of the schedule to try and prevent the Als from running away with it. I agree.

De la façon dont il jouent présentement, ils n'ont besoin de personne pour faillir.

OK, ils ont 2 victoires, mais ce n'était pas beau. On peut s'attendre à mieux dans les 2 prochaines rencontres, cependant.

Mon amis, avec l'horaire que la ligue nous a donné, une fiche de 2-1 est un grand succes. :slight_smile:

Cependant, ils sont certainement capable de jouer mieux.

Plus pire que lhoraire lui-meme est le fait que lequipe ne pouvait pas pratiquer 3 fois par semaine Je suis certaine qu`avec des semaines de pratique plus normales on va voir une amelioration.

D'accord. Le problème avec l'horaire c'est non seulement le fatigue et la risque de blessure mais aussi le nombre reduit de pratiques. C'est ben plus difficile de corriger les erreurs si t'a un seul pratique entre les matches.

Exactement. Et c'est pourquoi les deux prochaines semaines devraient avoir une toute autre allure. De toute façon, la saison est longue.

Si les Alouettes ont des difficultés en début de saison, c'est moins inquiétant que si les difficultés surviennent en fin de saison. Ça donne plus de parties pour s'ajuster.

I don't know about Hawkins but I'd say that the Als might not agree with your statement. As long as we have the "C&C&C Football Factory" of Cavillo, Cahoon and Cobourne, our mastery of the east is pretty much assured.

Si Cobourne est un atout si important, il n'est pas très menaçant si on ne s'en sert pas.