Reality check......

Coming up…Calgary, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. Tough road trip.

In the East…looks like we will be in a tough fight with Ottawa and Montreal.

This is not shaping up the way we expected after last week’s game.

Reality check: This team will not be going undefeated.

Mitigating circumstances on offense. Losing Addison and Erlington was highly significant in stretching defense.

No excuses on defense. They wear every inch of this loss.

But it’ll be how team responds whether this loss is a blip or the first game of a pattern.

Do. Not. Overreact.

I’m going to agree thoroughly on this.

There has been parity in this league for quite a while (that’s why I would never make a Vegas bet on a CFL game).

Ultimately this is where Orlondo and the coaching staff earn their paycheques.

I’m surprisingly okay with the loss*, especially if it’s a team-building moment.

*Minus injuries

You bet!!!

We’ve been beating patsies for the last two weeks and got beat by a team that isn’t as bad as it looked last week. After Calgary and Winnipeg we should be back to .500. A good team in the East is basically a 3rd or 4th place team in the West…

I actually did make a bet - Hamilton -14.5 was the biggest gift we’ve been given in a while. Thanks Vegas.

Real reality check: two of those three games are at home

If you want to bicker with mr62cats, there is a separate thread for that. Otherwise he is entitled to his opinion on where the games will be played.

Oh right. I forgot I now live in a world where someone can say anything and have the right to believe it to be true, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Two post of the year candidates in one night.

Donkey Donkey Esad. Now we are on to playing Calgary. The kicking game looked good and I really liked our pad level this evening. We were out played and out coached. We did not give 110%. We lacked discipline. You cannot win them all. Better luck next time. Do not blame the officiating they are doing the best they can. We just did not execute when we needed too.

Well, it’s hard to disagree with that.

Careful mycko, we aren’t allowed to talk about religion here.

myko: Thanks! I posted too quickly.

Ex: Who is bickering…except you. Myko was correct. I was wrong and explained why.

  1. LOL, reality check indeed !!

That was a good old fashioned butt kicking to say the least. :-[

This team either had swelled heads, or they are over rated.

From what I saw tonight, I would say the latter ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Butt kickings are good, a lot
of holes were exposed yesterday. Much better than squeaking out a win. Now how/when to fix those holes?!

And are we absolutely sure there was no Crescent Street " tour " at anytime prior to the " game " ?
(he he !!)

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

While I agree with your sentiments, this site isn’t exactly overflowing with posters who will take your advice. ;D