reality check

i have to say something and i meant to post this labour day... the ti-cats might as well just pull themselves out of the CFL and become a practice team for everyother team ... because that is all they are doing anyways ... helping the other teams get better
we are a sorry excuse for a team and if the o line doesnt start blocking then we are going to lose all our QBs due to injury and i also think the whole team needs to get together and watch the movie " facing the giants" and learn to build a STONE WALL !!!
these guys dont care anymore cuz they get paid either way its us fans that suffer we dont get our money back and im thinking that our season ticket prices should be cheaper if we have to watch what they call a football game ...

thanks for reading ... plz reply

The O line is garbage.
The D line needs help as well.
The D backs are garbage.
Period full stop.
I have not seen such a mess since I tried to give myself a haircut in grade 7.
The rest of the season should be spent bringing in O and D men immediately.
The core of any team is the lines.
Lousy line play can destroy a team.
The Cat's are less than a semi pro team.
They are less than zero. :stuck_out_tongue:

i think we have solid young individuals to work with . it's a lot to ask young rooks like dyakowski and cedric to stop a constant pressure all game when our stupid co-ordinator doesn't know how to call a screen pass and have the receivers can't read a hot route, even worse it's hard to audible when you have a stubborn coach who will never let your qb call his own plays.
no adjustments again.
you can't keep cutting players all the time.
you gotta get the proper structure and build a chemistry.
we've had like 5 o/c in 5 years and gone thru too many players. let's get the right prople in here.