Reality check

Earth to Cats fans... Earth to Cats fans.... Return to Earth please. Of course, congrats to the Cats for their 4th win of 2006. However, it was against a team that's been almost as bad as your own this year. Maas showed some flashes but he wasn't good for anything close to the full 60 minutes. Some passes still missed their mark and he never seemed to get into a rhythm. Ralph and Peterson are too inconsistent to be full-time receivers--catch a few (even difficult ones, but drop a few---real drive killers. Boreham should have been 5/5 but he missed a 32 yard gimme for only a single. Some day those 2 points will cost the team especially when TDs are so hard to come by. The O as a whole still has trouble scoring.

Lots of pluses though. Lumsden had a strong 1st outing. The reconstituted O-line is better than what they started the season with. Flick showed he cared and unlike some, I think he can be a deep threat. Vaughn can still get it done. No picks which is great. The D overall had a good game although they seem to be a bit soft in the middle--sorry Hitch.

The Cats won which is always the main thing but IMO there's still a long way to go before they'll be competitive aginst the better teams in the league.

An Argo fan

although they seem to be a bit soft in the middle--sorry Hitch.
Yeah, it was a bit sad to watch Hitchcock's impersonation of a PINBALL against Davis on his TD Run.


P.S - sorry, but into each life, a little rain MUST fall.

BF - your points have merit, but it IS fun to win a game once in a while... lol

Hey BarneyFile

Forgive us TiCat fans for rejoicing over a team that is showing good vital signs after looking DOA a month ago.

If Maas didn't play 60 minutes of very good ball how could he have amassed 388 yeards and no interceptions? Granted only one touchdown last night, but the past 2 games have been a great sign of life. Their confidence is improving and more TD's are coming. This is a long term process. The signs I am reading say I'm renewing my Seasons tickets because next year should be fun.

However the Cats are a "Bad" team as you say with a 4-11 record as you say. But look at it this way. A certain team from down the highway has benefited from 3 games against this "bad" team as you call them. They would have only 4 wins and 5 losses right now if you took away the 3 games they played against said "bad" team. Are they really as "good" a team as they are made out to be?

I've enjoyed many of your posts this year (but I liked McMahon's posts better.) I look forward to your posts in the future.

umm who asked you?

go away

One could argue that Torontos record includes three victories against the PaoPao led Ti-Cats and that the Argos are not much better. I know we have a QB who will be around for a few more year and unless you think Allen is the highlander I would be worried about the furture of that team.

It nice to see someone down the QEW cares about the Tiger Cat performance. It appears you have way too much time on your hands and feel the need to spend alot time on our website making comments about our team. Why don't we wait and see how this whole senario plays out before you shoot off your mouth.

I am sure Calgary will have more than the Argos can handle tonight....................

yes. I predict the score will be something like Calgary 40 Toronto 10

Reality check for BarneyFife

Argos' record against teams that are not the Ticats: 3 and 5

And while we're at it ...
Montreal's record against teams that are not the Ticats: 4 and 5

I'd sure hate to be you guys right now! (Although I suppose both teams can't lose the Eastern Final)

didnt the argos win 4 games against the tabbies?...the opener, the beginning of thier 5 game win streak ( where the tabbies wore yellow ) and labourday plus rematch.

Correct. Argos' real record is 7 and 5. Their record against the Ticats is 4-0. Hence, their record against the non-Ticats is 3-5. I hear the playoffs will be populated by non-Ticat teams.

Sadly, I realize that there really isn't a lot to choose between the Argos and the Cats. Probably 3 or 4 players difference actually, one of them being a 43 year old QB. In fact, I don't even think that the Als are that much better than anyone in the East. However, after reading the various threads here with fans gushing over last night's win, I just thought a reality check might be in order. I've been a Maas supporter all year (and I continue to be) but this is still not the same QB that I saw last year wearing green. That guy could take charge of a game and do whatever it took to get the win. I just haven't seen that this year although I agree that he's improved. But there's been something missing and I just can't put my finger on it---and it's more than just confidence and his at best, average receiving corps.

I like the Cats' forums because the fans are knowledgeable and passionate about their team. I just have to turn a blind eye to the fact that they're backing the wrong team. :wink: Anyway, that's why I drop in here a lot and put in my 2 cents worth.

Hey, I've tickets to the Cats game against BC so I'll even be cheering for them. That will definitely be a first for me. I'm not sure I can do it. Oskee what?

An Argo fan

Nothing wrong with Barney coming in here. Actually I think its great with Argo fans coming in here. Most have showed class with their comments.
You think they can go in the Argo forum and have discussions. There is no real fans there that actually care about the team once they leave the Dome.
Only place to talk football is in here with the real fans.



It's a scientific fact that Highlanders have to be decapitated to be killed. Does Toronto play Edmonton again this year? Because the last guy I heard talking about taking someone's head off was AJ Gasp.

Anyone notice that Gasp's name didn't come up much last night? At least not for reasons pertaining to his play, which was virtually invisible. However the TSN commentators could barely contain their anticipation during the first half -- how many times did they talk about how Ralph was due for a beatin'? They sure loved it on that play where Ralph got tackled, the whistle blew, Ralph got up and then got tackled again. Ho boy was that fun!

Give it a rest ... you cant even enjoy a win anymore ??? We lost too better teams on last play field goals . We deserve this win and maybe you should go post your negative vibes elsewhere ok ??

Habman - Was that directed at me? Sorry, but I thought poking fun at the mediocre performance of the cheap shot artist on the other team who had been shooting his mouth off all week does constitute "enjoying the win".

(Your post, however, was a little bit negative)

ExPat you must be paranoid if you think my post was about you !!!!! Barney just doesnt want us to enjoy our 2 game winning streak and i`m betting he wont be on here anytime soon due the *** kicking his team just took . He knows the Cats should of beat Calgary twice !!!!

It's not paranoia if the world really is out to get you

Ticats may not be grey cup contenders, But they have a chance to be the spoiler, it would be good if they knocked the arg,s out of playoffs in skydump. Lumsden vs williams show!

I agree with every word. Seems to be an unbiased evaluation of the REALITY of Friday night's win.

Keep posting. A dose of reality may be infuriating to the blind but to the more pragmatic its a verification of what we we believe we saw or a warning that we are letting our own personal feelings get in the way of objectivity.