Reality Check: Where are the Bombers headed?

Yes, they're the league's best at 7-2, but winning hides glaring faults which other teams will eventually exploit (forget Labour Day; Sask. plays over their heads and gets all the calls--it's generally expected the Bombers will lose, regardless of the win-loss records).

The Offense sucks!
-The O-line stumbles around like drunken elephants which endangers its ONLY legitimate QB, Buck Pierce, and leaves no holes for its premier RB, Fred Reid, to run through.

The Coaching Sucks!
-The play calling is unimaginative and repetitive, meaning it's only a matter of time before other teams completely shut down our offense. Face it, as good as the special teams and defense are, you can't expect to win football games without your offense, which leads the league in 2-and-outs. The defense will eventually wear down and suffer injuries if the offense doesn't get its act together.

This isn't the NFL; you need to score at least 20-30 pts. if you expect to win a football game!

their offense is suspect and I believe the Alouettes here in a few weeks are going to exploit them really bad.

Bombers defense is tough yes but the Riders proved that you can defeat them with the right game plan. all the Als need to do is plan a good game around their top receivers and then blitz the hell out of Pierce and they'll win both games.

the Bombers will be 8-4 after this with the Als also 8-4 (because they'll defeat Hamilton this weekend)

Bombers had an easy schedule to begin the season and will find it tougher in the next 9 to keep their first place position.

and for the record you don't know what you're talking about. The Riders did not play over their heads as they came out and played a solid game for once this year and showed what they're truly capable of. they played a great defensive game and did what was needed on offense.

and no the Riders didn't get the calls going their way, the Bombers played a very undisciplined game! so get your rose colored bombers glasses off your face.

Last year's Bombers were 4-14 and were probably a .500 ballclub with bad luck. This year they are still a .500 ballclub but have gotten their breaks. Probably finish at 11-7 and 2nd in East.

You’re on the pipe if you think that winning on Labour Day is any indication of how the 2nd half of the Rider’s season will go.

Make no mistake. The Riders will lose and lose badly at the Banjo Bowl this week. Your secondary is no longer the feared ballhawks that won them a Grey Cup and the Riders, along with the other bottom feeders, the Lions and Argos, will battle it out for 3rd in the West.

You’re not in our league, 2-7 Saskatchewan. Not this year.

bombers have averaged 24.3 pts a game, thereby doing what you say they have to do to win a football game.

bombers scored 28, 30 and 30 in their last 3 games before last week, sounds like they are meeting your criteria

bombers have outscored 3 teams, including a 6-3 team, and are less that 3 pts a game below 2 others, including the other 6-3 team. That leaves only 2 teams way ahead of not only the bombers, but the other 5 as well.

bomber were scoring an average of 26.4 before last weeks game.

bombers never scored below 20 prior to last weeks game.

if only the bombers offense would stop scoring over 20 pts a game, it would be wonderful

6 of the last 9 are against the East, which they are 4 - 0, those games will decide where they finish up.

they are 7-2. Anything close to that in the second half will safely give them 1st. They have a bit of a shaky O at the moment, but their D is tops, and their points scored vs surrendered differential is 1 less than the Als. 1 bad game is not the end of the world, especially in an anything can happen labour day matchup.


if the Bombers think they're going to win first place when they have a hell of a time scoring points, they're in for a rude awakening.

sure, the Riders may not win again vs the Bombers this sunday.. but I can guarantee you the Alouettes will be gunning for them hard! and the Ti-Cats won't be afraid of them.

Bombers are first now because they managed to shut down teams when they were not at their best.

but just remember this..

they did lose to Calgary

they did lose to Saskatchewan

they have YET to play the Alouettes.

they beat the Cats when they were struggling, they aren't anymore.

this season could still turn out to be just good enough! but their offense needs to drastically improve or they won't be in the Grey Cup.

.....DEFENCE ...wins titles....nuff said :wink:

Hamilton was on a big upswing when we beat them the second time.

sure if you want a 0-0 score.

if you can’t score the defense gets you a tie!

Unless it’s a pick 6 and/or fumble to the house :cowboy:

Yup, game could have gone either way but in the end Bombers won. Suck it up folks.

Looking at their schedule, I'm seeing only ONE potential win for them. No question, they will finish 8-10. Looking at their stats, it shows where they are headed. Dead last in TDs, dead last in first downs, 7th in net yards, 5th in scoring. Defensively they've only had two sacks in the past two games, and the last game was the first time all season they had a negative in the giveaways/takeaways. Oh, and they were demolished by a last place team.

I think the lack of off-season changes to the roster was mostly responsible for the fast and improbable start to their season. While every other team has to have time for new players to adjust to Canadian rules and to each other, Winnipeg's players were already familiar with each other and the rules, allowing them an advantage over much more talented teams. Well it's now past Labour Day and rest of the league is now used to playing the rules and with their teammates, the Bombers have lost their advantage. The wheels have come off, so lets enjoy watching Swaggerville crash and burn.....

I seriously doubt the Bombers will finish 8-10. We aren’t talking about the Detroit Lions. The offence does need to improve, but the defence is still excellent. I don’t know where the Bombers will finish, but they will have a winning record.

Yup, get the TiCats one more time this year. :lol:

Defense and rouges win titles? :cowboy:

It’s true though. In playoff games a dominat D tends to win out over a dominant O. Of course, the O will sell more tickets.

You are honestly one of the worst CFL fans i have ever encountered. SURE the riders beat the bombers, did anyone expect the Bombers to just waltz in to mosaic while the Riders just hid under the bleechers just because of the records?

Both team’s records are misleading and neither team is either unbeatable nor are they going to roll over.

These guys are professionals, the Riders did a fine job of protecting their home field, now is the Bombers turn, see ya sunday :wink: