Reality check time for Ticats..The Spectator

Reality check time for Ticats

Face Alouettes on short turnaround

July 22, 2009

Drew Edwards The Hamilton Spectator


At least the Tiger Cats don't have to fly all the way across the country
to play a tough team like they had to early in the year last season.

and the Alouettes are also playing their second game in six days
with only one day off to recover and two days of practice to prepare.

From the article:

The bad news is they are facing an Alouette team that won three straight to open the season. Average margin of victory: almost 27 points

Now that’s frickin’ impressive.

But, on the other hand, I don’t think that’s susatainable. As the season progresses other teams will get better and catch up as the Als seem to have just picked up right where they left off last year. Nor do I think the Als will go undefeated. So someone will beat them.

Also, at least Marshall has three games on video to break down and analyse.

We’ll see. Can’t wait. I’m really interested to see how Marshall will try to defend Calvillo and Cobourne. Here’s hoping Johnson, Cobb, Porter and Davis all have another monster game.

Unfortunately for the Cats, Montreal is almost unbeatable in July and August. If this game were in Sept. or Oct., I'd say we have a shot. Its gonna take an almost unbelievable effort (like the BC game) to even lose by 7 points or less in this game.

I think it would be huge for the team to really compete and have the game decided in the final minutes. My gut feeling is that Montreal goes up early and we play catch up all game.

If we can play with the Als in Montreal in July and keep it close.....I have no doubt we will be able to beat them later in the home or in Montreal.

Prediction - Montreal 33 - Cats - 24 (Cats get a late TD, really the score is more like 33-17)

The best way to beat the ALs is to make sure their offense stays off the field. Not taking anything away from their defense - but scoring so many points is hard to duplicate for Hamilton. So, the Ham offense has to eat up the clock, even if they end up only scoring a field goal at the end of their drives.
Next - try to keep the score close. If we are too far behind, our chances of winning diminishes.
The rest will take care of itself…

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

if the spec article is correct why is the squad enduring a six hour train ride the morning of the game,caretaker? Let me put it in one word parsimony!!!

Your kidding right?

With our luck the Via strike will kick in and strand them :o !

Do you truly believe a 6 hour train ride on game day is advantegous to playing well as oppossed to going today staying overnight and having fresh legs tomorrow?