Realistic ideas you'd like to see in the CFL in the future!

Ok, with the news of the 35% TV viewership increase… there’s a realllly good chance that TSN is gonna have to pay big to get the contract when it expires.

so I am trying to think up some realistic plans the CFL could implement when they have the increase of cash…

  1. Either increase the Teams Salary Cap by a good margin and increase the starting Roster # from 42 to 46 players…

  2. Give each team some extra cash to pay for some improvements for health and wellness of their players.

I think personally a really good thing for the CFL would be to increase the game day roster from 42 to 46 players.

could you imagine what 4 more players could do for your team? you could have an extra backup O-Lineman! an Extra DB, another Defensive Lineman! and another Linebacker…

plus, less of your starters would have to be in the special teams roster, meaning less chance of injuries!

Yes, I can imagine. We saw it already when the roster was expanded to 42 – a lot more DBs and special teams specialists were added and the result was less offence and fewer kick returns. (Fortunately the latter trend seems to have abated this year.)

I see no upside in expanding rosters further.

Great ideas CFL. :thup: Then they just have to decide what if anything to do with the import ratio too.

Also because with an NFL lockout looming the pool of available players will be just that much more immense, I see no reason to go even to 48 players to give three extra backups overall for offence and defence if one such player is not used as a special teamer.

1.Bigger salary caps
2.A requirement to have at least one N/I QB on your roster (PR or Active)
3.A 10th CFL team, in Moncton.
4.Would like to see the no yards thing dropped to about 3 yards or so, they're terrible at calling it anyways.

So how come the the current import ratio doesn't affect the QB position? Can't they make it like just any position? This might even lead to more coaching and development for canadian QB's at the grassroots level.

I'm gonna get in trouble for this one, but freeze the cap. Three teams in the CFL are struggling financially (Toronto, Winnipeg, Hamilton) and the new Ottawa franchise is going to be on shaky ground for it's first few years. Freeze the cap so the existing franchises can stabilize. With an NFL 3rd stringer's salary far beyond some of the highest CFL salaries, and no shortage of good players hitting the league, a freeze for the next few years is not unreasonable. Besides, if your team can opt to go over the cap, it's just that they pay through the nose to do so and lose draft picks as a result, which help to keep parity in the league.

Institute Profit Sharing, for pretty much the same reasons as above.

Increase player rosters by a couple players is a good idea. There is far to much dancing with the injury/practice roster.

More random drug testing, which I'm sure is done we just don't hear about it very much.

Making it completely wide open would just discourage teams from dressing a third QB, IMO. They'd use the extra spot on a position player.

I'd like to see something that says you can dress 22 imports (three of whom must be QBs and not play any other position) and 20 non-imports. But if you elect to dress just two import QBs as well as one non-import QB, you can use the extra import as a position player (but he still must be a backup -- don't tamper with the requirement to start at least seven non-imports).

So you would have two options:

20 NI (including no QBs -- at least seven starters)
22 imports (3 QBs and 19 others -- no more than 17 starters)


20 NI (including one QB -- at least seven starters)
22 imp (incl 2 QBs and 20 others -- no more than 17 starters)

Great post


The minimum NFL salary for 2010 is around $325,000. Who in the CFL makes that much? Burris, Ray, Calvillo... anyone else? The CFL cannot compete with NFL minimum salaries now or for the foreseeable future. So raising the salary cap even by a million (24%) won't keep a single player from accepting an NFL offer.

All excellent ideas to consider as well for sure. :slight_smile:

Great post, and what if one takes CFL's post to allow for 46 players, or even up to 48 IMHO, and adjusts accordingly?

But if there is no NFL season next year, this is where market forces could encourage raising the salary cap for at least next season right?

After all there will be a record supply of mostly American Non-Import talent available, though most of the NFL big names and feature players won't do anything different, and you would think some owners would be willing to pay more for such higher talent overall right?

But where are these extra revenues going to come from? I understand that with a NFL lockout more fans will be looking for football to watch and the CFL will fill that need, but the CFL is a gate driven league and most if not all of these new fans will still not be attending games, and will most likely not be buying enough merchandise to justify a drastic increase in the salary cap. Yes it will increase ratings, but untill a new TV contract is drawn up these ratings don't pay the CFL anything.

I side more on -Hammer-'s side and also that of the CFL who negotiated the new CBA to have an increase in Salary Cap during the next years, but more of a gradual and modest one. (I forget the actual numbers and at this time am too lazy to look them up)


  1. No NFL player would play in the CFL for $250,000 (starting QB money) and risk a career ending injury that would prevent him from making millions and millions once the NFL goes back to work.

  2. If there is an NFL work stoppage, the CFL will become the highest paying professional football league in the world. If you want to get paid to play football, the CFL will essentially be the only option.

some players might do it. some may wanna play football and if they're F.A.'s they may come north of the border!

I don't remember the specifics either, but the increases were basically just enough to keep up with inflation. I do recall reading that the cap could be raised before the current CBA expires if there's a big enough improvement in the financial position of the teams (only read it one article, can't remember the source, and it wasn't very detailed on the matter anyway).

I'm already on record as opposing any increase above 42.

I'm with hammer.

Can't justify payin players more when owners are still taking yearly losses.

but is it the leagues fault?

the owners all do their own marketing for ticket sales and advertising..

maybe the league needs to take over and do it on a league wide scale!?

There should be a significantly larger chunk of change to go around after the new deal is signed. I think it will be enough that ALL teams can be guaranteed to make $ each season.

I'm in favour of a slightly increased salary cap but nothing crazy, just in line with the new revenues.

I'd like to see 1 roster spot added for a Canadian QB.

I'd like to see a league wide agreement that freezes ticket prices for 1 or 2 seasons (not that they are expensive). Just a way to say thank you to the fans who for so long has been counted upon to buy tickets to keep teams alive. This gesture I beleive would be very well recieved by all fans and would lead to an increased amount of people in the stands which really looks great on TV (expecially in the larger stadiums).

There should be a set amount of from this deal that is to be used to increase marketing by the teams and the league. I beleive it is necessary to re-invest some of the into the future of the league in order to guarantee future growth.

Just a Maritimers view.


The owners are the league (remember, the commissioner works for them), so while I don't know if "fault" is the right word to use, my answer would be yes.