Realistic attendance goals for 2012?

Average, not including preseason. I'll go first.

Sask 33K or whatever their new capacity is

Calgary 31K

Edmonton 35K (boosted by 2 home games with Sask)

BC 34K (New BC Place should allow for bigger crowds)

Toronto 23K

Hamilton 25K

Montreal 24K again

Winnipeg 30K, new stadium, if it opens, will boost.

Those figures seem fairly reasonable argosfan, although I believe Toronto has a chance to hit 27k-30k if the team does well on the field…if not, 23k seems plausible.
and Hamilton could very well hit 27k-28k if recent changes translate into uber success on the field.
Again, winning is key for both clubs.

as well, i’d like to think BC could avg. 37k-38k being as how they were GC champions this past season and are in the new BC Place for an entire season.

or perhaps, I’m just an eternal CFLoptimist…we shall see…

I would like to believe that because it's the last season of Ivor Wynne that 27,000 is obtainable, but realistically 25,000 I think is more realistic.

Last year the Tiger-Cats averaged around 25,000 so i think this year with the hype of the last year of the Stadium we will see several sell outs and attendance being much more !! The Hype and anticipation of this being the last year at Ivor Wynne Stadium has already taken off, Apparantly 3 games, the first game, labour day and the last game ticket sales have gone through the roof and its only May !! :thup:

In addition, Single Game Tickets to the public don't go on sale untill June 1st, so thats just season ticket holders buying extra tickets :thup:

Way to go , HAMILTON :thup:

I think that the ARGOS will surprise some people if they win. :thup:

Montreal , is in big trouble. :thdn:

The WEST should be solid with more people going to B.C. games.

Winnipeg & SASK. are kicking butt.

The ? is how will Edmonton and Calgary do?

T.V. ratings should be WAY UP! this year in all markets. :rockin:

Those look pretty realistic argosfaninstates although slightly on the optimistic side. The Riders might hit only 32k and the Lions 33k, for instance.

I doubt the Als are in "big trouble." That is just one reporter's view (who has an axe to grind with Als mgt.) I'll bet the crowds in Mtl will average within 2,000 of capacity, or 23,000 and higher this season. If the sponsors were chased away when Lalonde banned on-field ads, they could be brought back also. Most CFL teams earn $2M to $5M in local sponsorships, but for comparison purposes, the Bell sponsorship of the Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS) is greater than all the B.C. Lion sponsors combined.

Montreal has lost [maybe] 4,000 season ticket holders. That is a huge loss for that size of stadium.

Most CFL teams need to draw 25,000 per game , just to break even.

The new T.V. contract in 2013 should help a little.

AND I am hoping that the ARGOS can draw more than 25,000 per game :wink:

Edmonton's Attendence last year was pretty poor considering their past years and the so called success of this team.

they didn't hit 35,000 last year.. who's to say they will this season?

see Xvys comment re the Als. Still 6 weeks away from the season and with Lalonde out of the picture, still plenty of time for them to get the business side closer to last year's mark. They will be fine and the team on the field will be even better than last year's thus increasing their chances for getting closer to 25k.

I would be surprised if they win.

Slight increase for Edm, Tor, Wpg, Ham
Big increase for BC
Riders will sell out every game
decrease in Cgy, Mtl

The west will be fine,only issue is if BC is losing.The fans stay away in droves but they won't have that problem this year. Winnipeg will be fine,no matter where they play. If Toronto can get 20 000 PAID attendence,would be a achievement for Toronto. Hamilton needs to step up, they barely sellout labour day and nothing close to a sellout for the rest of their home games. Montreal should be sold out every game, 25000 for a big city like Montreal should be a piece of cake. The excuse for Montreal losing 2 teams before was poor management,playing out of the O and poor teams. They're spoiled with this edition of the Als.

Not if their not in the playoff hunt come mid Sept.

Montreal is fine. The Al's are already selling single game day tickets. Go on Ticket master and you can see that most of the stadium is sold out already. IN 2010 they had over 6 million in Corp sponsorship, that number has dropped to 2.5 million, which is still good. With the changes the Al's are making, the thinking is they will hit 4.0 million is Corp sponsorship this year and well over 24,000 in game day tickets. The Al's also have the highest ticket prices in the league, with sections selling for over 100 bucks a ticket and those sections are sold out.