Real Training Camp Reports?

Hope someone (Crash, vinny) starts some actually informative reports soon. Strolling around talking to people and socializing is nice :roll: but, I mean, come on we need information.....

Here is my attempt at what happened at camp today for whatever it's worth:

Way to early to decide any roster spot competitions, but it was a crisp practice and probably one that the coaching staff would say was very positive.

On the O-Line...Hudson is a rock, Smith is a rock, Hage did very well, Filice is much improved over last year....seems bigger and more fierce...Donnelly always gives that great effort...Pascal Cheron was placed on the suspended list but should be back at some point soon as was reported...Chris Sutherland did ok for a first training camp and of the three imports i would say that Randall did the best...he is a monster....Powell and Kosienski were not on their game as they probably would have liked to have been but its only day one. Unfair to critique anyone's game just yet.

Josh Ranek ran very well and should be an interesting player for us this year...Anthony Davis runs smoothly with decent moves in the open field. Of the fullbacks, they all had an ok practice.

Receivers....Flick, Vaughn, Ralph, Quinnie and Gardner each had their shining moments but with this unit, you can see that there is an added movement towards size. Peterson looks a bit lighter on his feet which should pay off for him. Ralph needs to get his timing down but made an acrobatic catch on one play. This group of 10+ will be fun to watch between now and game one.

Didnt see much of Fleming or Boreham since they were practicing on a seperate field at McMaster.

Quarterbacks...Maas is our leader, Eakin did really well for day one, Williams had some timing issues but you can see he has talent, and Josten looked so so to me initially.

Cotton, Peterson and Cheatwood did really well against the O-Line. Belli did ok. Demetrious Walker is a load at DE, Dunbrack is just a solid competitor at all times, Cunningham looks much improved over last year and looks to becoming a valuable Canadian D-Lineman. A rookie named Rob Schroeder looked good. He just never quits and he played the tackle position. I didnt see much of Shawn Mayne but what i did see was quite a bit of strength...and i didnt see Claude Sanders.

From the linebacking core, Barrenechea is looking good in the middle, Armour did admirably, Mariuz did really well in coverage, but other than that i didnt see much of the others quite honestly.

The defensive back crew is quite a group and it is too early to distinguish good, better and best.

Tomorrow is day two and it should be a great day for football. With a decent crowd today considering the cold weather, tomorrow should be much much better in fan attendance. By the way, the field is sharp looking, bright in contrast to Ivor Wynne's turf and the best thing about it is that the players can play on it compared to the grass field they played on last year.

Nice update freeagent
I will look forward to more of your reports if you choose to make them

well Zontar, ( The Day The Earth Stood Still,circa 1951 ), perhaps you could give us your impression. Crash has given his and free-agent his,( by the way, thanks ). I sure wouldn't expect a member of the scouting staff to publicly state his impressions here.

Would it be possible for you to give an objective critic of the TC as you see it? Would it be possible to do that without taking shots at certain players and coaches and management?

Thanks freeagent.
If I could make it down there as often as I wanted I wouldnt have to solicit viewpoints.

Great job, freeagent. Since I`m not able to attend I appreciate your insight

My eyes aren't trained to catch some of the smaller details, but here are a few things I noticed:

  1. Cotton and Cheatwood were looking really good.

  2. Julian Radlein's knee looked solid.

  3. Ranek looked very sharp.

  4. Jason Maas seemed really focused and I saw him throw a couple of really nice passes.

  5. Eakin's arm is impressive.

  6. The secondary was obviously working hard and we saw some good coverage while they were scrimmaging.

  7. The two young quarterbacks looked like they have some nice skills.

Good job, Caiteag.
Exactly the sort of thing I was asking for.

Day 2 Zontar, Enjoy.

Attaboy Crash, we appreciate your expertise.

Thanks Crash I Can’t make it back till Wedneday Late Work out

Thanks OnKnight, was looking for you there this morining. It was still a cold one but not quite as windy, thank goodness.

I'd like to thank all of you who have contributed to reporting what is happening at training camp. It looks like I won't get this information anywhere else. And those who've contrubuted are doing well in reporting this information.

So I look forward to seeing more of this. I can't find out much anywhere else, but according to CHML, Greg Taplin has been cut. You can click here to read that article.