Real Season begins Now

Well Real Season begins Now Ti-Cat Fans! :thup:
Lets all get on board and get behind Hamilton's one and Only Your HAMILTON TIGER-CATS!
Dont matter to me who we play first Montreal or Winnipeg, as both with be going down to losses to your HAMILTON TIGER-CATS! :rockin: :rockin:
Then its off to the 2011 GreY Cup, of which Your HAMILTON TIGER-CATS will bring home to HAMILTON! :thup:
GO CATS GO!!! :rockin: :rockin:

i hope, for the love of god, the cats get squashed in the opening round of the playoffs.
it is what is best for the long-term future of the club.

a playoff win only sweeps the problems under the rug to come out again next season.
a loss, and those problems cannot continue to be ignored and changes will be made.

last year, i hoped that the cats would beat the argos in the playoffs for fear an argo win would convince barker to make no changes. my fear came true and they are the crap team i knew they were all along.

sometimes a loss is better for the long-term future of a club.

Yes the real season begins now but will the team be any better prepared than it was all season long?

I really have to wonder if there is a locker room problem with the team. If there is then a few of the core players might have to be changed. The coach has to be changed and I'd like to see a new G.M. be hired, it's too bad the team didn't hire Eric Tillman when they had the chance he's turned the Eskies around in one season. Obie has been here for what 4 years and the team has regressed from an initial boost 3 years ago. Obie's time has passed and a new G.M. is needed here.

A loss may be for the greater good but I bleed the Black and gold of the Tiger-Cats. There has been far too many disappointments over the past number of years. We need and more than deserve a winning team here folks. I'm really torn on what I want to happen next weekend. I don't want problems swept under the carpet I want them fixed so we don't have to go through another year like this one has been. A few bright moments and many" Sometimes I wonder why do I bother" moments.

Lol, that's going to be one heck of a short season.


Then you should posted that you only wanted warm, fuzzy and happy thoughts in this thread! As of right now I have none of those and am just happy in a way that the playoff game will be an away game so I don't have to spend any more money this year only to have my hopes crushed yet again.

Your all be singing a different tune when the Cats win the grey cup this year! :rockin:

No friggin' way. I want them to win and win big. Not putting any money on it - the odds are way too long at this point - but I still want them to bring home the Cup this year. I'll start worrying about next year once we've played our last game this year.

Oskee Wee Wee!

I want whatever your smoking............................

I really and truly hope that you are right I would like nothing better than to eat crow and say I was wrong and celebrate a grey cup victory. I just think there is a lot of turmoil on this team and it needs some better direction from the top on down.

I will still be cheering for them as I always do but will be guarded from further disappointment.

If the team had gone say - 14 - 4 and then lost in the semi, it would be the same result as last year or the year before - an opening round playoff loss therefore no improvement and the coach is probably fired.
If they win a playoff game this year it's an improvement over the last 5 or 6 seasons - At playoff time the regular season means NOTHING! Right now we are tied with Montreal and Winnipeg - all three teams have made the playoffs and our records for the playoffs are all the same. If Montreal loses in the playoffs it's a huge disappointment for them, if Winnipeg loses in the playoffs their good season record means nothing and their coaches will be under the gun and big disappointment for their fans.

so, you would want them to win a playoff game, then bring back the same bunch of losers next year?

i'd rather them lose, look themselves in the mirror, make needed changes and come back alot better next year.

Isn't that what they did this year? I'd rather take the championship this year if we can get it. Anything can happen.

TIGER, EATEM RAW!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Good attitude Bruce because who knows,maybe and just maybe we could pull off upset of the year,at least we made it this far so the rest is gravy. :cowboy:

Just win, Baby !!

To believe Marcel is incapable of leading this team to a playoff victory is one thing, but to wish he wouldn't is completely different.

There is nothing I would like more than see our Tiger Cats get to the Grey Cup ... Tiger Cats, eat 'em raw !!!

But what if they lose, look themselves in the mirror, make whatever changes you think are necessary and come back next year even worse? You nor I nor anyone else knows if any changes they make to personnel or coaches will have a positive impact. It could just as easily go in the opposite direction.

I'd much rather go to a Grey Cup parade than watch the Cats lose and make changes. At least a Grey Cup can be pointed at as something tangible. The changes could be good, could be bad. A championship is only ever good.

As I said before, isn't that what they did this year? I'm with you, BWW. Let's win the Grey Cup this year, and worry about next year after our last game of the year. There'll be lost of time to blow the team up again over the winter. And if they win, maybe the team isn't so bad after all?

The game this sunday will be decided after the first quarter, who is ever ahead will remain ahead. The reason is
if we do not get pressure on AC he will lose. And we will know that by the end of the first quarter because if we
don’t get pressure on AC the score will be something like 21 to 3 ALs.

So keep your fingers crossed! :cowboy:

Agreed 1000%

IMO This Team will never win Title under current Football Operations.

some times you must chop off the head to save the body ..