Real Reason KK never played

Well this is a very interesting piece of news I heard from my uncle (who got this news from the team doctor) It appears Kenton Keith never played against Montreal not because of a thigh bruise or a swelled knee or whatever the rumours were but rather because he was caught in bed with none other then MR. X's wife.... I think this just about solves who the base of our blockbuster trade should be and also gives me the hint i need to change my username. I am embarassed to have the word KK in my name as of now but the good news is Kenton never got benched for his actions but was actually injured. MR X walked in on them and kicked the Sh*t out of him. The team doctor told my uncle Kenton was a mess. The Riders dont need players like this on there team stabbing eachother in the back and sleeping with their wives, I feel for Mr. X because on the sidelines i always see him playing with his little son during the games and he now has been backstabbed by his wife, and a teamate. Looks like Mr. X now has something to work on in his off season.

(P.S.) how does CHsRiders sound? Corey Holmes :stuck_out_tongue:

quit spreading rumors.

Quit spreading rumors. Players have shot this down. People have seen his leg/knee. He was at practice all week, in the same building as Mr. X. Like that would happen if this was true. Did KK look beat up? No.

Go Away.

they showed KK's knee on the news like a week and a half ago.... this occurred within the las week so manager i am not trying to spread rumors only repeating what i heard from my uncle and the riders doctor....

Yeah but this rumor is over a week old.

And Matt D. shot this rumor down, but I guess he doesn't know anything about his teammate compared to your uncle.

Hey Smart guy!!!!!
Lets see how much more inside info your uncle gets now that you blabed it all over the net.....
Good thinking.

PS its BS

Yah i guess your right guys Matt D is always holding KK's hand and knows exactly what hes doing at all times i forgot about that, and its not like KK's notorious for starting trouble or anything right, threatening to shoot waiters u got to be kidding were talking about KK the church boy who has never commited such and offence i apologize there is no possible way the Riders doctor could have been correct i apologize for even posting this impossible information!

heard the same story I believe it.............when did he get hurt then........nobody saw this injury happen??

I heard the same story too. The announcers on CBC actually referred to it saying that no one had actually seen him get hurt. I don't know if it is true or not but if it is he definitely pick the wrong Mr.X's wife to sleep with. Mr. X outweighs him by about 150 pounds.

I heard the same Rumor.... and not from one source but several....let me ask you this..why in God's name would anyone start a rumor this bad if it didnt have any meat to it.. as of now its still unconfirmed...
funny thing is another rumor pointed at keith for stealing from players lockers..again unsubstantiated....does someone have it out for Keith starting these Rumors? or is it actually True?
I guess we will see what the Riders do with Keith in the off season, if he is released or traded that ceartainly would make him out to be guilty in my books.

It never ceases to amaze me how a hand full of so called Rider fans spread such ridiculous rumors about the team even though they say they support the team.I agree with most Rider fans,maybe its time for some change,Shivers needs to be removed,maybe even Danny.Any class the team has or still has is slowly being lost with Shivers at the helm.Being a coomunity run team has its disadvantages one being not having the funds to fire staff and being on the hook for there contracts but something needs to be done,All you Al Ford haters,just remember the last Cup we hoisted was when Al was GM,so don't tell me things were worse then then now

As for the rumour, I can't speak as to its authenticity, but I will say this. There is no reported and/or confirmed incident about Keith's knee/leg. The CBC, TSN, and SportsNet have all discussed this fact! Some of the press even going so far as to say that the "knee/leg injury" is nothing more than a smoke-screen for the ongoing turmoil in riderville. If it is a smoke-screen, then regardless of why it was conjured, it clearly points to one thing; the infectious and ongoing dissention within the riders organization. If this doesn't point to the need for a shakeup of some kind, I don't know what will. Good luck riders and rider fans. Hopefully next year will bring some better days for you all.

We never made the playoffs 4 times in a row with Al Ford and we never expected to go all the way with Al Ford. With the Shivers/Barrett regime we expect we should be (or should have been) in the grey cup already and should have had our parade. Yes the last time we won a championship was with Al Ford but you cannot hang your hat on that when you are missing the play-offs year after year.

Basically with Shivers and Barrett our expectations of this football team has grown from let’s make the play-offs to let’s win the whole thing.

What the reports are saying about no one seeing him get injured etc is stupid. In fact they are terrible journalist, none of them asked the team doctor/trainer Ivan what was up. The team Doctor even explained it in pregame. He had a deep bruise (which can happen anytime it a game w/o anyone seeing) that is/was leaking fluid into his knee. Some people have brought up the fact that this exact same rumor was out over a year ago aswell. People are using old rumors to explain an injury they don't understand and didn't try to. they just assumed the worst of him.

I don't care if its true or not. We need KK back there, and we proved it Sunday. Montreal keyed on the pass. Dorsey did absolutly nothing except fumble the ball. I don't think he has returned a kick for a touchdown, so contrary to the fact BillySoup put in a different form he is not a gamebreaker. Who is Mr. X anyway. I heard it was ******, but obviously not if he outweighs him by 150 pounds. If it is true, put some responsibility on the wife. Obviously the relationship was not that great.

Good luck getting more than a game worn jock strap and a roll of tape in any trade involving KK. He brings a lot of baggage, and he isn't the most durable RB in the history of the league.

Go Esks