Real Grass for THF

Benfica will play Glasgow Rangers at Tim Hortons Field on "real" grass Oct 6.
They are hoping for a sell out.

Good to see other uses at THF.

Too bad they couldn't keep the real grass down, a throw back to the old days.

Pacheco has an agreement with Hamilton's Greenhorizons Sod Farms (formerly Hamilton Sod) to bring in rolls of natural sod to lay down on top of the artificial turf. The company has worked on four major soccer matches at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, and uses 17 to 18 semi-trailers of sod to cover a field, according to Greenhorizons' president, Steve Schiedel.

Cool, very cool!

Agreed... too bad only the Argos in the CFL play on real grass at BMO. Nothing better than seeing players pick themselves up from the field with sod stuck in their facemask and grass stains on their uniforms. Nothing worse than seeing advertising all over the current fake turf fields.

Does anybody remember what the middle of Civic Stadium field used to look like after all the football and soccer games played on it ? Throw in some rain and you have a muddy swamp ! Modern turf is the answer for multi-use facilities .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Ah, the good old days. Muddy field, muddy players (including the kickers, who always played other positions), slippery football.

OK, maybe turf isn't so bad.

I'm actually not for this. I wholly believe for soccer that high quality turf trumps bad grass and make no mistake, this will be bad grass. As great as the guys are from Hamilton sod, they will have six days to install it after a Ti-Cat game and will certainly be grass ontop of board.

Who is the idiot who agreed to this. Putting sod on top of turf? Did the city council have anything to do with this decision?

Some common sense...I remember when it used to get so muddy that you couldn't read the player's work in replays & challenges, it would be a nightmare! I don't know why soccer players whould care...they spend most of the game standing around, or taking dives!

What a dumb idea…soccer players don’t need real turf …they just stand around most of the time…but real football players spend most of the game eating that turf…some people should try it…see how they like it?

I take it you've never watched soccer if you think they just stand around most of the time.

In case anybody was wondering here are the averages of distance run in a game in various professional sports.

Baseball - 0.375 miles
Football - 1.25 miles for receivers and cornerbacks (I would assume a bit higher for Canadian football with wider field)
Basketball - 2.55 miles
Tennis - 3 miles
Soccer - Average 7 miles with midfielders often as high as 9.5 miles

Distance travelled would be a better term in this list. A lot of the movement in soccer is walking or jogging at best, which is pretty evident when watch a game - a few players moving quickly at a time, and the rest moving slowly to gain position. It would be interesting to compare the distances travelled at a sprint among the various sports. But yes, football's substitutions do split the limited amount of actual sprinting time between the offence and defence, so each player sprints very little.