real good pics of molson stadium

i found a site that has pics of anything u could want to see at molson stadium....the first pic that comes up is actually the hit 'NEXT' to go to the beginning.

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Nice site. But the guy who took the picture was mislead to think the building next to the field is McGill University. That in fact is the Royal Victoria Hospital (afiliated to the McGill's Health Sciences Faculty) and the building on which there's the scoreboard is the psychiatric department.

Did you guys ever notice that all the "runners" on the field are coming off that side...:wink:

Yeah. But this is good for the team. See, if it was the... I dunno... orthopedic department, we'd all get there to watch the game from the windows of the waiting room for free. But knowing we'd have to spend 3 hours with a bunch of psychos, we usually buy tickets.

That doesn't keep us from sitting with a bunch of psychos when the Roughriders are in town, however...

still too small to be a pro stadium IMO.

Wow Drumming God awesome site, that made my day. I'am absolutely so excited for next season after looking at those pictures, i got an adrenaline rush. As much as we say Molson is too small i think we should not be too critical of Molson stadium, i look at it like Fenway Park old, but full of character. It's needs to add a few more seats because demand is high, but if there are too many seats i think it could hurt the franchise if the supply is too high.

I'am heading up to Montreal in a few weeks for the Bruins Canadians game. Just wondering what is the price for low level balcony seats? Another question is how bad will i be treated if i go up with my Patrice Bergeron Bruins Jersey, at least he is from Quebec. I know in Boston when Canadians are in town the Quebecers are usually treated well, but of course you have a few ignorant fans. Please help me out here, i don't want to be assaulted for being a Bruins fans, maybe i should where an Alouettes hat?

I don't remember anyone ever been assault during a Canadiens game ever since the Maurice Richard suspension's riot.

I'am not talking during the game i'am talking about after. :lol: When or if the Bruins win, will a drunken fan take there anger out on me. The way the Bruins are playing i don't think i have anything to worry about.

If theyre your home team you gotta represent. Ive found Montreal pretty OK wearing Oilers gear. A few years ago a couple pics were circulated around the net showing a Devil's fan getting choked from behind when He was at a flyers game, with the flyers crowd all either cheering or joining in. That's pretty intense, but Ive never had any problems in Canada.

Well, you might get screamed at, but I don't expect anyone to touch you unless you try to start the fire.

And, quite strangely, the risks of that happening are bigger if the Habs win than if they lose, as I believe Montrealers often are bad winners... in defeat, they mostly shut up.

In Molson-Percival, we don't often see fans from the visiting team, because the only CFL city close to ours is Ottawa, and Ottawa people don't even go to local games. But when the Riders are in town, there are always a few bunches of Rider Priders, and that happens sometimes too when the Argos are in town.

Every time, there are Montrealers who try to show them a rough time (not physically, but verbally). I think that's so lame, because if these fans travel all the way to see the game, then they are for real and they should be respected for their love of the game. Not shouted at.

I remember a couple of Riders fans who were being mocked, laughed at and insulted on their way out of the stadium after the Alouettes layed a beating on the green squad.

I told them "Not all of us are jerks you know. I think its great that you follow your team around." And they said something like "Don't worry friend. This is nothing at all. We barely notice it. You should see what treatment we get when in Winnipeg..."

Winnipeg may get a stadium that might be the better twin of the Big O, what do u guys think about that?

Your source on that?

have a look.

hehehe the pick is named toilet bowl !!! indeed a good replacement/cousin for the Big-O

........pretty decent of the CADD designer to label that one shot 'Bird's Eye View', just to make sure there was no confusion on the viewing height, without that helpful piece of information I would have assumed we were looking down on the stadium from a height of, say, 5'10".......which would have made it a pretty stupid stadium you know, about 2'0" in Zoolander would've said: "is this a stadium for ANTS? it should be at least THREE times bigger".......