real football

Am sick and tired of the same #@# year after year. Was at the Hamiton Hurricane game on Saturday, and this team plays a lot more exciting football than this so called professional team. The cost for a ticket is a measly 8 dollars, and you actually see some real football played....maybe more people should turn to our amateur a lot less stressful to watch.......

i don't see why we have a hate on for the cats.

what does everyone want? a competitive team

do we have one this year? yes, we do

we have only NOT been in games 3 times all year that means we have 10 good games of competitive football

the problem is when people say competitive they mean wins!

I hear what your saying...and generally agree. But it would be nice to be in a legitimate playoff race. This year we kinda were -- but really, it was just a race to the bottom. Loser getting a post season berth.

I dunno..these contests of ineptitude just don't get the adrenaline flowing. I know there have been a lot of bright spots this year. And I'm sort of optimistic about coming years. However, nothing that management has done leads me to believe they're interested in patching up areas where we are brutal.

However, we have loaded up on some key assets -- so, maybe the plan is to deal them for a suitable O-line.

Its funny too -- a friend of mine had a conversation last summer with an Alouettes player. Since my buddy is a diehard Cat fan, the guy wished the team well, but noted that defensive players around the league looked at the Cats as a team to pad there stats against. So, all the players know the problem, the fans seem to cry about it, but here we are.