Ready for the show down against Calgary tonight?

Well guys/gals. Are you all ready for the big showdown at B.C. Place tonight. The Stampeders will be. Unfortunately Gridiron did not have time to post his pre-game analysis detailing how the Lions will be able to counter their attack and how to neutralize them. I've gone back to his earlier posts just before the Lion's last meeting and that is what I'll be watching for tonight.

Does anyone have an update for the number of tickets sold for tonight's contest? I'm hearing in the lower 30s

A win tonight and the Lions take over top spot regardless of how Edmonton does. Good luck Lions! :thup:

i've searched the web high and low. Can't find any updates. tried listening to the team as well, no updates so far. Hope we get an unusually high walkup crowd, i'll be one of them tonight as i'm finally going to the new digs tonight. Big crowd or not i'm gonna be glued to the field for this one.

It will be interesting to see how many are at the game - or at least to see how many people went to a stadium last week to look at its roof. Mind you I spent half the game looking at the screen so I can't really criticize.

See you all there tonight!