Ready for some football?

The (new) USFL kicks off tonight on TV (Apr. 16) with the New Jersey Generals taking on the Birmingham Stallions, including a couple of participants in last year's TiCats' training camp -- QB J'Mar Smith and DB Tyree Robinson. It'll be a bit different:

Can't wait. Football is football.
The chip in ball technology could be a game changer. Hope it works well and is sustainable.

That looks intriguing. Makes me wonder if they can do that for a baseball too..

Not sure if having a million live mics, a steady-cam in the huddle, cameras in the locker rooms, etc is really needed. If I was a player or coach, I certainly wouldn't want cameras in the locker room at half-time. The helmet cams may prove interesting.

It'll be strange to watch eight teams all playing their home games in one stadium; Legion Field in Birmingham. And hard to build a fan-following in Detroit and elsewhere.

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It will be strange to watch 8 teams pretend to be playing a "home game" other than the advantages dictated by the rules.


Honestly, what advantages are those?
A better locker room?
IIRC, there are very few in-game rules advantages to being the "home" team.
It's not like the CFL Eastern Division with both teams on one sideline; it's not like hockey with the home team's bench being in the defensive zone for 2/3 of a game (or the last line switch before a face-off).

Interesting technology. Would also work well for tennis. Could be the beginning of the end for line judges.

People thought CFL was quirky, will take a little time to get familiar with the changes. Who knows? OT could be fun to watch although I don't think it's better than the CFL overtime. Officials making some of penalty calls may speed up the flow.

Got beer & wings ready to go. Enjoy :football:

Edit not a fan of the 3 point convert and don't think much of the 4th and 12 gimmick.

Tennis already has the "Hawkeye" technology and have been using it for years - I think this was developed from it.

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The 4th and 12 situation reminds me of when a trailing hockey team pulls it's goalie in the last minute of a game. At that point it's do or die.

Houston Gamblers also have a couple of ex-Cats. Will Likely and John Yarborough.

Scanning all the rosters I see quite a few ex-CFL players. Former Stamp Nate Holley is on the Birmingham squad.


Actually just out of interest I took a gander at all 8 team rosters just to see how many names from the CFL that I recognized . If my count is correct the list of ex-CFLers is only 16 players for the entire league . There's not a lot of household names or standouts in the lot of them to be honest .

The only ones that really stick out would be Nate Holley , DeVonte Diggs and Anthony Cioffi . The rest were all basically marginal players at best or PR fodder .

So anyways for those interested here is ( as far as I can tell ) a team by team breakdown of the USFL's team CFL . I might have missed a player or two but these are the ones I recognized . Let me know if there are any that I might've missed .

Interestingly the Maulers of Pittsburgh are the only team without any CFL representation .

Birmingham.........J'Mar Smith - qb / John Newsome - de / Nate Holley - lb / Tyree Robinson - db

Houston.............John Yarbrough - ol / Malik Harris - de / Reggie Northrup - db
Ryan White - db / Will Likely - db

Michigan..........Paxton Lynch - qb / Shea Patterson - qb

New Jersey......Terry Poole - ot

N Orleans.......DeVonte Diggs - lb

Philadelphia . Channing Stribling - db

Tampa Bay....Juwann Bushel-Beatty - ot / Anthony Cioffi - s

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The fact that it's only marginal ex-CFLers is a good thing. If in a couple of years we start seeing names in the USFL like Bo Levi, Collaros and Evans then it might be time to start a panic.


USFL won't be around in a couple years.


Ain't watching a scum bush league that won't honor CFL contracts and only drafts ONE Canadian.

I will watch the NHL playoffs until the CFL season starts

They would be taking a huge pay cut to play in the TSL that is masquerading as the USFL

Looking forward to this weekend's games. I was surprised how many people are participating in Draft Kings Daily Fantasy Games. One league has almost all 11k spots taken and several other have 5k+ entries. Between the USFL, the return of the FCF featuring Terrel Owen and Johnny Manziel, and the Albany Empire defending their NAL championship in front of an expected 9k fans, this is an alt. football fan dream weekend.

Perhaps the USFL should pivot to Chicago,I understand they have multiple stadiums and a loyal fan base. Lol

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Chicago Blitz here we come :smiley::grin:

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I mis-wrote - two stadiums in Birmingham; Legion Field and Protective Stadium. And so that everybody feels at home, the cheerleaders are generic - wearing USFL on their tops.