reading between the lines

As a fan (and presumably McPherson) this is what I’m hearing.

popp: “we know what he can do” paraphrasing.
but don’t play him

popp: " we’ve told his agent if he can find a trade we like, I’ll look at it" -paraphrasing
after Calvillo re-ups

This what i’m thinking:
they are not at all sold that AM is the successor. Anything but, actually.
popp is generally correct or presumed to be as he has always had a HOF QB which makes genius easier.

but I dont see a ringing endorsement here. maybe the assumptions have been off track that AM is the guy

You may be right, Flag. But until we hear an announcement of some kind, all we can do is speculate.

With the very surprising announcement of the RR trade, I can well imagine that there is a lot of back-room wheeling and dealing going on right now. No doubt this includes discussions between Brady, Trestman, and Popp. They need to discuss the new philosophy on O. We know AC will be back next season, but does this mean he will be at the helm full-time? Will AD get more starts? Will AD even be around? If not, who will be the backup - Santos? Will there be a deal for some other pivot? All of these questions are floating in the air and, as Richard reported, even AD stated "if I'm back..." What does that mean?

Obviously, until the Als make some further announcements, we won't know for sure. I'm still optimistic about next season, but there will no doubt be some (major?) changes.

no question J…
all speculation.
i’m just thinking that AM is perhaps not the back-up force we’ve all assumed. the language used is telling to me. not saying they are wrong but I get the sense that the successor will not be AM.
Imagine if you are a player: " well hes the backup next year, if you, as the agent, can find a better deal for him , and we agree on the parameters , we’ll look at it’’
Speculation is what we do.
i think AM is done here.
and he deserves to move on.
(not meant as a criticism for the centric folks on here)

The McPherson deal to Hamilton is a done deal. Should be announced by Monday. stand by

man, losing senior ah me to the tiger cats. how sad. guess he'll have to be silly joe toffee now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Adrian is coming up on the last year of his contract, it is normal that his agent and Popp would have some discussions. This is the time of year where deals are extended if there is money left over and obviously Adrian wants to know what the Als plans are for 2013 and is looking for starter money as of 2013 since Jim can't give him an answer at this point and there seem to be openings for a starting QB on some rival squads the discussion probably goes well we can't sign an extension without certain guarantees for 2013 at which point the suggestion that a trade may allow the Als to get something instead of losing Adrian at the end of 2012 season.

Look at how little Edmonton got for Ricky Ray and you quickly see that GM's won't offer anything substantial for a QB with unproven potential. Obilovich walked away from trade talks over Ray when Tillman said the word Giguere :wink:

So look for Adrian to be in Montreal for 2012 and extension talks to be ongoing during the season once the team has an idea if it will be AC"s last season or not. Look at how long Lulay, Tate was in his sixth season in the CFL when he got his shot. Lulay fourth year. Jyles fifth year. Adrian's situation is pretty normal.

Strange how it is always the fans of loser teams looking for a QB that come on this forum telling us how unhappy Adrian is in Montreal :lol:

Right on! :lol:

Obilovich walked away from trade talks over Ray when Tillman said the word Giguere
I don't know why, as the odds of Giguere suiting up for the Tabbies is marginal at best.

It appears Giguere would rather spend a decade on NFL practice rosters instead of playing in the CFL. :frowning:

You should have written: Instead of playing for the Tiger Cats. If the Alouettes ever get his rights,he will sign the next day.


you may very well be correct Richard.

Typical of the CFL old dog like Obilovich, he'd rather make sure the kid dosen't play anywhere instead of improving his ball club. That's ok we see what it has gotten the Ticats. If Tillman had said give my your first round pick and Giguere for Ray I would have done that deal in a minute. Now he' looking at the Argos up the 401 just improve themselves immensely and the Ticats are back fighting for a playoff spot.

Now he's hoping Huff will cut Burris and get him for nothing and that will likely not happen Calgary better eating the 100k on his contract and hang on to him. Something tells me there will be a potential customer for Burris at some point by the time week five rolls around.

Now you got to wonder why Tillman wanted the rights to Giguere. I wonder who on the Als roster he was looking for :wink:

Well it worked before. Kelly wanted to trade Glenn to Hamilton, but Obie didn't bite and ended up getting Glenn anyway, without having to give up any asset.

Not saying Huff is as dumb as Kelly, mind you. . .

Kelly cornered the market on stupid...

Oh I don't know, I'm not so sure about that. . . Bart Andrus gave him a run for the money on that in the same season. . .

I've tried to forget, but I recall that season watching two CFL games, either back to back or pretty close thereto, between Kelly's team and Andrus' team. . .man watching those two sorry excuses for offences was really trying. .. a good six hours of my life I'll never get back. . .

He also cornered the market on insulting (calling reporters 'lazy asses'), treacherous (the Barrin Simpson fiasco), and antiquated (the shotgun formation is for flag football). Large portfolio, that Kelly. :wink:

Interesting hey, with all those openings, he hasn't been mentioned once. Wonder what he's up to these days.

HFxTC : Your note that Lulay and Tate spent more time than than McPherson as # 2QB frames McPher in a new context for me. I was not aware of your info. Now I can imagine that another year with McPher as #2. This was new and helpful information.

What happened with that domestic assault charge? Was it dropped, or did he plea-bargain?

Charges were dropped but Judge force Kelly into an anger management program...