Read the latest feature in our Empire Memories Contest

Read the latest featured entry in our Empire Memories Contest from a fan who has supported the Lions since 1958.

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Here is my fond memory; 1977 semi final playoff game at Empire against Winnipeg. Lion Safety Joe Fourqurean's knock down pass from Dieter Brock to a wide open Blue Bomber receiver to preserve a 33-32 Lion victory. :wink:

and don't forget the circumstances. it was thrown on a third and one gamble on the bombers last series - late in the game and was a right on the money bomb and we heard later that Joe Fourquen had been knocked out of the game with a head injury for awhile and doesn't remember making the play. Champagne all around for everyone. I have never stopped admiring the nerves of that call and if that wasn't enough the unreal defensive play by Fourquean.
Yea CFL.

Thanks for your further insight of that game, as I was unaware or can't remember that Joe was knocked out of the game. Cheers. I do know that Winnipeg had great teams in that era during the dynasty of Edmonton.

another one was back in Edmonton's haydays in the late 70's. we would play our hardest but seldom get rewarded. anyway Edmonton was ahead at Empire stadium and we fought an epic battle - got the ball back late in the game and clawed our way down to the 2 yard line and on third down needing the touchdown to win sent Harry the horse Holt up the middle and he "didn't make it". dog pile led by Dan Kepley (get a rope). Was Tom Larscheid the radio announcer? whoever it was the call is burned into my soul when you try so hard and want it so bad but it is not to be. the Lions and football (don't forget the nucks) taught us to appreciate other things in life besides the fickle joy of victory.
PS - I thought we were the experts on the thrill of defeat but I take my hat off and stand dumbfounded in awe to Saskatchewan after their grey cup fiasco.