Read 'em and weep boys...

...a Stamps win tonight and they secure home field advantage for the Western Semi-Final...I know it is not the Primary Directive but deserves recognition all the team can lay claim to that thus far in the season so sucks to be you Turkeybend (who's adopted indigenous name is Sees the Riders first in everything)...

...having said that I've probably assured a BC victory...

Yeah, well my Eskimos suck so bad this year we'll likely end up with the worst record and the first pick in the draft... provided we haven't already traded our first round pick... so sucks to be you.

...hmmm, I have no real counterargument to that, so you win...

The way it looks in Hamilton after two Ti-Cat td's in seven offensive plays, the Stamps will be playing for Western Final home field advantage! Not pretty if ya like green.

You're a long way from locking up the wooden spoon and only the Leafs trade away thier first round picks when they have that good a shot at #1. :lol:

That's right you don't! :lol:

That was the only thing that got me excited about the Oilers last season. Each loss brought us closer to the #1 pick. And that's the only thing that'll get me excited about the Raptors this season. With virtually no talent, we're guaranteed a top 5 pick. :lol:

Wasn't a pretty first half for us, but I'll take having the lead going into the second half.

There's always next year. If the Argos can turn it around with as many question marks as they had coming into this season surely the Esks can. I think on paper they have a better team it's just a matter of putting it together right.

If any Stamps fans are looking for someone to blame... :lol:

who is weeping now :slight_smile:

What a jackass redandwhite is. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

:lol: looks like the old turkeyguy got you big time. his qb (Durant) was awesome tonight while Burris stunk as did printers for that matter. And, the stamps lost bigtime. Got to hand it to the Turkeyguy for putting the universe in its proper order two weeks in a row. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Durant good...what game did u watch? You can thank the Ticats for giving the riders that one....17 pts on TO's.

No team today looked like a cup contender!

Way to jinx it R&W... Calgary was really the only team that hadn't had a complete failure of a game yet though, so they were due.

2 words.....

Premature exclamation

*Edited to not be deleted!

"The league’s top quarterback ended the evening with 23 completions on 31 attempts for 418 yards and 3 touchdowns".

Yeh, he sucked. To bad the Riders didn't have a Printers or Lulay so they could have a whole 4 wins on the season. :roll: :roll:

Durant played bad? Sure they may have turned the ball over alot, but most on a couple of occassions they were deep in Rider territory. Guess what? Durant led the team down the field for a score on more than one occasion. Not to mention he had over 400 yards passing and 3 TDs., that was without question one of the worst games I've ever attended in a long long the half the friends I was with grabbed as much beer as we could and left our cushy row 22 seats and climbed to the very top of Section B to get as far away as possible from the smell coming from the stamps bench and spent the rest of the game philosophising the meaning of life and whether McCallum would hit an upright too to round out a perfectly horrendous exhibition of fail....

You have to consider the source Geenwhite. It came from 5440 who is convinced that his 4-8 Lions are playing .500 football over in the Lions/Stamps game day thread.

Can't wait to hear turkeyman's take on all of this. he gives me a good laugh weekly.