Reaction to July 18 game

That winnipeg middle ,their defensiev tackles and middle linebacker simpson sure
is tought to penetrate
97 ADAMS sure had a great game
newcomer Mcyntire 91 look greated . I wonder if we can move him to DT when khari LOng cpmes back

I hope Folyd is ok as AUggie in the middle just doesn't cut it

I love jamal johnson anger and fire in his game ..that pulling the quartebacks feet out of the pile was priceless

fred Reid is a good running back

20 shabaz or whatever looks good

Preschhe is still not being used right nor is currie ..more jump ball for preshe and crossing patterns for currie

gotta love stella

good game for chris davis

gordon also played well and so did bo smith

we need to run more with cobb

porter needs to let loose a bit mire and throw a few bombs

It's hard to get rushing yards vs. WPG D, but they could not get rushing yards of their own with what appeared to be focus on Reid. If Floyd can't play next week, it may be Haley rather than Auggie who will take his place.

The receiving corps was impressive, though. I think we'll go easier on Davis after his somewhat excessive celebrating. And Stala has been very reliable, and it was great to see him get his first TD in a long time. I think Prechae is being covered very well. Can any of those who were at the game confirm this?

The team played well enough tonight, but there is a much bigger challenge for the team next Thursday.

Great game!!
I love defense, and it looks like we have a solid defensive team this year.

My daughter (9) came tonight and really got into the game. "I actually understand football now. You explained it to me a million times before, but I didn't know what you were talking about. This was fun."