Re: why oh why was this decision made... start the 3rd quarter Chris Williams electrified the stadium with a 90 + yard TD on the opening kickoff. The Eskies came back on their next possession and kicked a field goal. It is now Marcel's decision to make. What does he do? Take the ball on the 35 or force Edmonton to kickoff? I think the no-brainer is to force the kickoff, to see if lightning (aka Chris Williams) can strike twice. What does he do? He proves (to me) either to have no brain or a very short memory and takes the ball on the 35.

Why oh why was this decision made? :roll: :wink: :roll: :wink: :roll: :wink:


I was unhappy with this decision too. If you have an electric returner, I think the only good justification for taking it at the 35 is if time is a critical factor, and at that point in the game, it was not.

That had to be the most bizarre decision I have seen from MB. Ever. And that includes a lot of very bizarre calls over the past few years.

During the game, I joked that maybe he wanted to make sure the defence had at least three plays rest, that if Williams got another TD on the return, they'd be back on the field again before they had had a chance to catch their breath. Given how much time they had spent on the field, maybe that isn't so far fetched.

Hi Mike:

I think that was what you call in highly technical football terms...a lack of coaching intensity...or in plain english..a coaching brain fart....

That was the second time he made that "take it @ the 35" decision in that game. It's the most obvious of the questionable things he's been doing, and doing more often than not, during his entire HC'ing career. Then, for some reason, with 4 minutes left in the game and down by 22, Glenn already pulled, and the game obviously lost, his coin flips the other way, after an EDM FG choosing to receive a kickoff, which Williams returned to CF. ????????????????????????

I wasn't aware of this seemingly bizarre behaviour by MB as I had left the stadium with 10:34 remaining (no longer able to stomach such a weak effort). Maybe one day we'll have a HC who doesn't wilt under pressure. I sure hope so. :wink:

It was the right decision, he was trying to catch the Esks off guard

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Almost as bizarre as his decision to have Medlock punt in the 3rd quarter instead of trying to score three points with a short 47 yard FG.

When your defence played like ours did, the attempt to pin them in instead of making it a 10 point game was also very dumb.

This is not the first time he has made this stupid call and im guessing it wont be the last. I have no clue why anyone would want the ball on the 35 when you have possibly the best return duo out there in Williams and Thiggy.