Re: When will we see the new 2014 cfl season schedule?

I just filled out a survey asking my preferences as far as schedule ... which I assume all STH's for all teams filled out ... I think this helps the team put in their requests to the league for preferences when it comes to scheduling.

That being said ... if I remember correctly ... last year's schedule was announced March 5th.

It has to be reviewed and approved by Rogers first.

Given that the Argos don't draw flies and are being kicked out of Rogers Centre anyway why not (let them (and please read before dismissing the notion) sign a three year (maximum in order for them to build somewhere else) deal to play their home games at THF.

Crazy??? Well maybe not as much as you think. How many Toronto fans would come regularly maybe 8-10 thousand for other teams at the bottom end but hopefully closer to 12-15. They would get better dates - a Monday Labour Day game Cats home team and then a Friday or Saturday game with the Argos as the home team would be nuts and you could do the same thing for Thanksgiving again only for three years. Those games would be beyond packed!

Season ticket holders for each club get priority for each game obviously. THF gets 9 or more CFL games for three years and can you image a home playoff or visitor playoff game after a season of beating on each other, it would be unbelievable.

I would suggest that there would probably be 2-4 thousand Ticat fans who would show up to Argo home games just to boo the Argos against any other team. and you only need 23,000 or so to sellout remember. Sponsors might really like more bang for their buck as the new stadium opens up.

The deal is only for three years, no exceptions or renegotiations.

The benefits to the Argos, a better gate, a better attitude, a football specific stadium and three years to build somewhere.

It sure beats what they have at the Rogers Centre.

Anyway, just some out of the box thinking, from an overall CFL perspective,

Merry Christmas everybody,


Argos had 3 years to build a new stadium. Why would they leave RC early? Stupid idea IMO.

Biggest problem with this is that the Argos just signed a three year deal with the RC not long ago (I believe this past fall).

As for the schedule - I remember it coming out a couple of years ago around the time that free agency started (mid-February) and last year, as someone mentioned, it was early March. In other words - sometime in 2014! :smiley:

In Ottawa, Desjardins said that the REDBLACKS will have a bye the first week of the season and will then play two games on the road. Their first home game will be the 3rd week of July.


What will happen for the preseason sched? Are we going to have a three week pre-season in the 5 team west to allow each team to play 2 exhibition games? Who in the east will have two preseason home games to compensate for ottawas two preseason road games?

That is what needs to be decided. hamilton will most likley take their Pre Season game to Guelph.

will most likley take the easy route and just play at Varsity giving comps to season ticket holders who cant fir or do not want to go to the pre season game keeping there season ticket 10 game pack in place.
(Still think th Argos should take up a CFL offer to play one game a year in Moncton until a stadium is built. It will remove one of the Odd tuesday games from the scheudule. Also the Argos will get paid as well if not better for a game in Moncton. Since it is a CFL promoted game they take care of all of the cost including travel, lodging, Meals, etc. for the home team. The home team collects all of the profits from the game.)

As for Ottawa their home game slot would probably be best served in Montreal it will be as close as they can get for fans who want top go and Montreal has a nice pre season turnout for games so why not two. An optional ticket for season ticket holders.
CFL will probably have to pick up the tab for travel for Ottawa and promoting as well so with that combo the REDBLACKS should make a decent profit off the game.
Ottawa having a home game in London vs Hamilton could also be an option. The CFL would still have to pick up the Tab for Ottawa's travel costs and the promotion of the game. So if they want to do this they would have to get up and get the ball rolling. Unfortunetely it does not seem like that is happening.
So my bet is a home pre season game for Ottawa vs Montreal at McGill. Better profit, closer for fans, easier promotion, and less cost for the CFL with Ottawa taking the train to the game and then back following the game.

2015 Pre season BC, Ottawa, Edmonton ( but they already have it covered), Maybe Winnipeg, The World cup will be done with IGF by mid June, and depending on how soon the Pan Am games will be in the venues for the July event both Hamilton and Toronto may not have their stadiums; Tim Hortons for Hamilton, Varsity or RC for Toronto; for two months june and July. Although the York stadium will be ready with 12K seating well ahead of time and are hinting at having events there before the Pan Am games with the extra seating in place so the Argos could have a pre season venue wher they are wanted

Here’s what I would like to see,even though it probably won’t happen…

I do not want an interlocking schedule at all!I don’t want to see every team play each other twice and have two games where we play another two teams 3 times…

If you could work it out between the divisions,it would make the divisional games far more important,particularily with playoff positions on the line,AND, we could end up with a Grey Cup match up between two teams that may not have met all year…