Re-Watch the Twisted Tea Grey Cup Halftime Show featuring Arkells

Arkells rocked the stage during the Twisted Tea Grey Cup Halftime Show during the 108th Grey Cup playing some of their biggest hits while also welcoming in special guests The Lumineers and K.Flay.

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I just painted my kitchen and am going to watch that dry instead.

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Yes - that was pretty Brutal.

Not the biggest fan of The Arkells but that was one of the best half time shows I have ever seen. Was really surprised that The Lumineers were willing to take a back seat to the home town band. Luminners although they were maybe a 2 album wonder they have sold about a zillion times as many records as The Arkells. Just seemed like it was Hamiltons night! Would have been a massive upset!!! Great game! :+1:

Thought the choice was very tasteful. Honetown band with lots of hype. Especially locally. Nice to see actually musicians included.

i never watched the half time show , when they get some real talent again i will watch it.

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I will start watching halftime shows again after they invent time travel.