RE: Tommy-boy the Assclown plays hookie!

They should cut him as soon as he is pronounced healthy. He cannot hold up the Bomber orginization for randsom. He cannot dictate to a team no matter how good he may think he is. If he does the club has then lost total control.

i agree it was a cry baby move by a great player. even if you don;t want to go to another team, trades happen i am sure roberts never wanted to leave the peg.

but if this injury was such a thing he should have gotten it looked at, at an earlier time, now he screwed the bombers out of a great trade and the organization should release him for that.

The way the Ti-Cats are playing, would you want to go there?

I still think Winnipeg is better than their record.

...Tommy has to go on the 9 day injured list, (if in fact he's injured) AND if that's the case his season is done...and his career with the Bombers is definitely over...

Why cut him. They lost total control long ago when they sold out to Asper. We have been in circus mode since the beginning of the season with Bauer, Taman, and Berry. The only thing left is to have Glieberman make a cameo appearance at a half time show. Maybe he can do a little dance with a cheerleader.

everyone wants a ring its what you play for. But your job is to play for the team you are signed for. when he got traded his team was hamilton. sometimes in sports you gotta play or do things you don't want to. I love Tommy but a trade is a trade. I personally think now tyhat if he does decide he can play again it will not be for the blue. A player does not say no and over rule the General Manager or the BOD on a team and that will mean this team has to step up and say good bye to Canada

It's about time somebody stepped up to Taman.

Well, we all know he has a serious injury and that could account for his poor play this year. But, you got a pretty good look at Canada's real character too. Most professionals would swallow their pride and go play hard for the team they got traded too regardless if they like it or not, that's what professionals do. IMO, this just confirms what we all suspected, some of the Bombers players put themselves before their team. And those guys gotta go for any real change to occur.

i agree piggy. He did show no character at all in the way he went about checking this injury. Now i am happy he got it looked at before anything more serious did happen. but if not for the trade he woulda played out the season before seeking any medical attention. I do feel sorry for hamilton and the bombers that he went about this way.

The bombers are in transition. Why blame Asper? The BOG will most likely be replaced and in knowing that they are not doing anything this year to collect a pay cheque. Will Apser get Rid of The lame coach and GM. If he was smart that would be a very good move the day he takes over this team. Bomber fans cheer up it will get better soon. The Stamps went through this transitional change as well. It will only get better.

I would have done the same thing someone needed to stand up to Taman and Berry they are the ones that need to take a look in the mirror.I'm glad Toms still here in Winnipeg he's a great player with a great personality. The bombers need a new GM and a coach that doesnt look like a 12 year old having a tantrum every game and throw blame everyway but his own.