RE: Tom Canada to get a pychiatric evaluation

Chill man, the guy may be a whiner, but he is still a Bomber and so is Moreno, now the trade looks more like a steal for us. As far as Canada is concerned, his injury is life threatening if he plays football and may never be able to play again. I don't agree with some of Canada's rants and whining, but now knowing his injury situation , it is more clear that we do need to support Tom and hope he gets better.

I have no problem with Tom Canada.

i think canada has got to go. he over ruled the team and a player that does that says he is bigger then the team and the team has to keep control and can him

Excuse me? what have you been reading? and what does the Greyhound murder have to do with my post?

Talking trash? i was telling it like it was, he was whining, i never said it was a bad thing because if anything it showed me that a player TRULY LOVES THE BB FANS and THE CITY.

Then i said his injury to the spleen is potentially career ending and more importantly life threatening and one hit can do it, not trash man, truth!!

Didn't i also say that Tom needs our support and i for one support the man, my uncle died from a ruptured spleen and he didn't even know it was ruptured until it was too late, he blead to death. Now saying that, maybe the trade was a sign for Tom to get checked out, if it wasn't for the trade, he may not have went to the ER and got diagnosed, he would've kept playing cause he is stubborn and also determined, what if that were the case? one hit to his spleen may have been fatal, everything happens for a reason and i was talking about supporting the man, i know what could've potentially happened if he did not get traded, did not go to the ER, it's LIFE and it's MORE IMPORTANT THAN FOOTBALL.

This team is out if control already. But not by Canada. He did not do anything that a true Bomber would not have. It's the Management that made it this way. He did not whine. He just said that he would not go to lousy city. He has been there before. so he knows what he is speaking about. The team went out of control when they started to Jerk Westwood around. Why not can some management ?? Lots have said that Something is wrong with Canada upstairs. In reality it is some Bomber fans who need labotomy.