Re: today's season ticket pickup party

I really enjoyed myself.

My one suggestion, for improvement next year (wait a minute, will there be one next year? lol), would be to show highlights of last season's games on Tiger Vision.

Great time at the stadium today for the pickup party. Beauty :thup:

Awesome Job Ticats management and staff :thup: touring the press box and the info provided was very informative, I am very glad i got to experience that for the last time. The locker room sale was neat also being the last time the fans will have total access to the locker room. The turn out was estimated at 5000 :thup: :thup:

The anticiptaion of this being last season resignated through out Ivor Wynne Stadium today !!

I also had a great time. The weather was perfect. Unfortunately, my wife and I were unable to do the stadium tour as we were pressed for time. It was also our sons 19th birthday and we had to prepare for his party. Regrettable, as I would have love to see the inner workings of the stadium.

To say I absolutely love the tickets this year is an understatement. The last game ticket is brilliant. That's gonna look good framed. They should do something similar for the 1st season at the new stadium.