Re: the first TD ball "BK" (Bakari Grant) presented to Bob.

Has Bob decided what to do with this important artifact in the history of the Tiger-Cats? Perhaps he can post on here to let the fans know. Even letting us know he hasn't decided anything yet would be of interest.

My suggestion? If he has an office on Jarvis Street to display it on his desk after getting it autographed by the entire game day roster and coaching and training staff at the September 1 game.

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why not place in the Tigertown Store all signed in Glass Case
so people can see it .

How about in a case at the entrance to the stadium, could be just inside the main gate? not many people actually go to Jarvis Street. I would say that the ball belongs to the fans that have waited this long for a new stadium.

Just a thought. A special display case in the stadium to hold the first touchdown ball and the ball coach Austin presented to the fans at the first game.

Slimjim. We posted pretty much the same idea at the same time.

I would not leave anything of Value in the east end of Hamilton .
How many problems with Crime did they have there.
I remember a load of Beer going missing at one time

Here what Found in Brief Search :
People breaking into players cars

[url=] ... ivor-wynne[/url]

vor Wynne Stadium the target of vandalism

[url=] ... vandalism/[/url]

Hamilton police who surprised four intruders in Ivor Wynne Stadium Tuesday

[url=] ... e-stadium/[/url]

This is Ticat History it should put somewhere safe and Tigertown Store on Javis .

Nice robo. Nice.

Crime Is Everywhere

When THF is 100% done there will be no need for the Jarvis St Location Im sure all operations will move to THF Including the Store

Unlikely. The Ticats most likely want a footprint in the downtown core. THF is not a place for the teams store… not enough foot traffic, besides the fact its in a residential area.

How about the 2 balls be embedded in the Legacy Wall in glass casings,complete with plaque commemorating both events. I think that would be a very fitting tribute to both the Caretaker,the team and the fans.The team could also place a large photo montage of Bakari's TD catch,the team celebration,the fans celebrating and his handing the ball over to the Caretaker. I don't know about anybody else but I think that it would look great as you walk into the stadium to see this as a center piece as you go through the turnstiles into THF. :smiley: :rockin: They could simply call it......TD at THF-GAME BALL !!!

Great idea bobo. Since the ball was given to Bob it is his decision on what to do with it. I hope he chooses this idea, or, an equally great one. Thank you to all who posted their ideas on this thread.

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