Re: the fan deserves an autographed ball from the team

I think the fan, who pulled a Wrigley Field, on Anderson's TD celebratory toss to Box G, deserves a ball autographed by the entire team. He (or she) showed their passion for our team by tossing the ball back on the field. Passion should be rewarded. I'm not sure if there is video footage that would identify said fan, but if there is, I, for one would contribute to the cost of providing that suitable well-earned present.

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It was my boyfriend Mathew Szezesny who caught the ball and threw it back to the field. What an epic game!!!!!!!!

val :slight_smile:

An Als fan on their forum wrote he would have hit that guy in the head with something. My guess is that if he was there and hit him that he would not have been going back on Montreal on the train. He would have been in the nearest Hamilton hospital because several fans would have beat the crap out of him.

Cheers to your boyfriend! :slight_smile:

A classy move by Mathew. I agree, he should receive an official game ball or some
other kind of accolade for showing himself to be a true Ticat fan, even while sitting
among the enemy.

I would also be willing contribute to the cost of said ball. :thup:

Wasn't it also a completion from the stands to the ball boy on the field when he threw it back?

The best part was Anderson threw the ball into a section with a lot of Montreal fans and it was intercepted by a Ti-Cat fan. Seems the ALS had a difficult time completing any passes yesterday.

Avon Cobourne is on Twitter asking for the contact info of the guy that did it:!/AvonCobourne/sta ... 1799626752

Mathew Szezesny please hit me on twitter or on facebook I have a football 4 and a chill son T. #PRICELESS just watched the game hilarious

You just have to think that if it had been in Montreal with an All Wets fan throwing the ball he would have hit a Tabbie instead!


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Val you are one lucky lady to have such a passionate boyfriend. Please pass on my personal congratulations to him for "doing the right thing".

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Mathew Szezesny please hit me on twitter or on facebook I have a football 4 and a chill son T. #PRICELESS just watched the game hilarious
If Deuces is reading this thread may I be so bold as to suggest maybe having Matthew get a seat on the team bench at the next game? Not sure of MB's "rules" with regards to this but it would also seem to be a fitting reward for such a dedicated fan.

(I just wish it had been me who caught the throw into the stands. Although Matthew showed great accuracy in hitting the ball boy with his spiral throw :thup: , i would have tried to bounce it off #33’s helmet). :wink:

SWEET DEAL! We have made contact:) Thanks guys

Hey guys

Its me Matthew !

thank you guys are making me feel like a celebrity !lol
SOOOO many people are telling me to come on here and twitter you guys are awesome


Great job and welcome to the site, Matt. Coburne is hilarious.

Hey Guys

Thanks for your support. Went down to the stadium today for a special invite to the practice Meet the team

Cobourne and Stela came up to me and handed me an autographed ball ! I told them im keepin this one lol



It'll be one to show to the grand kids for sure. :thup: