Re: The Chopping Block

Brack actually isn't safe and Chick is even borderline but lean more toward keeping. The fact is the D line was no where near as good as last year and Chick isn't getting any younger. Not saying this is all on Chick or anything close to it but the bottom line is the D line must be far better. IF that means moving a Brack or Chick as hard as it is to see them go it may be a necessary evil.
In this game alone the difference between how much time Bridge had as compared to Price/Smith was night and day. So the question is was it our D line or our O line or both that didn't perform. It has to noted is we were last this year with sacks and last year were first so that tell you something right there. Again I'm not saying this should be laid all on Chick but we do need to get better on the Dline for sure.

with Durant healthy and the way that Smith and Price are progressing I believe that we have our 3 QB's for next year, this is one area we don't have to look to hard in the offseason.
O-line improvement needed big time, to may penalties.
Smith, Dressler, Demski and Roosevelt keepers on O all the rest subject to philosophy of new regime.
D not much to say here, have all of them take a tackling course in the offseason and have them LEARN the rules.
Knox, Chick and Macdougall keepers
special teams best part of the team all year.
coaching,only keeper here is McDairmid special teams, everybody else gone.
Dyce - up to new management if he fits in.
GM - mixed on this one but I am leaning as to who's available and if nobody outstanding then keep O-Day.
the cleansing has to start at the top GM and work its way down,

I'd try to renegotiate Durants contract in the offseason. No sense in having a big contract tied up in a guy who hasn't played in 1.5 years. That could allow us to make a push in free agency and bring back guys like R. Smith.

Not a bad idea asking Durant to take a cut. I mean lets face it being injured two seasons straight plus his age creeping up is not exactly selling points to go elsewhere. Perhaps make it more incentive heavy and not quite as base heavy? If he stays healthy and does well then fine we may go over the cap a touch. Boo hoo. Just as long as it doesn't effect a draft pick no biggie. With Getz gone and if Durant agrees that could be all it takes to sign both Smith and Dressler.

Yes the O line suck big time in this game and in the last one too. Some changes possibly needed there also. As for the rest of the defense I would keep Chick probably and Jackson. Macho, Green Mertile absolute toast. Brack would have to take a major cut to stay, otherwise thanks for memories.

As for DD I keep hearing his age, he is still young for a QB, look at burris, AC, and others, DD is nicely in his prime as a QB so lets forget this age thing!! We need to keep Dressler and Smith, The competiness alone makes this a great idea.

My take on the year, O backfield is good, special teams good, O line needs holes filled, and after today, Watman is not our center. The D needs a major overhaul, I'd keep Brown, Jackson chick, munroe, knox, dougnty, I'm on the fence with Maze Harris, Brack, Mcdougall , T George has not had a great season, love the guy but... Hall not so impressed here either, should of kept Foley, hind sight,

All Coaches gone except, special teams coach and Dyce.. only because players like him, and he was thrown into this spot, this year is all on CC and Taman. Will be an interesting off season for sure. I has to start with GM and Coach... the rest will fall into place!!

are you kidding me, durant when he returns will turn this whole story around if he's ok. they can reduild the defence on the fly. that's how much confidence I have in his ability. if he wouldn't have got injured , i'm sure we would have won a few games by outscoring the opposition. that's the difference he would make for this team, he would even make mediocre coaches look good...i'm sure the defence would have fixed itself, but it all just fell apart , too many injuries , too many close games , to many penalties . too many negatives all around.

Yes that’s true if he can stay healthy he will make us a contender again. However if he gets hurt we will be horrible again especially if they tie up that amount of cash in him. Need to make a splash in free agency especially on defense.

I don't mind the big contract if it is more structured like Glenn's. Not full out heavy incentive like Glenn's (as, was entirely signed to be a backup, DD is not) but say 350 then incentives.

That would seem fair. As for the whole Dressler Smith who stays and who goes issue. IF AND ONLY IF there is ZERO possibilities to keep both I guess you have to go with youth. Smith is a very capable receiver but its the intangibles that Dressler has that makes me loath to make the move. Still from a football move as far as getting younger goes then yes Smith makes sense. It will be a very unpopular thing to have happen and they better not settle for anything less then top returns for Dressler.

Yes that'd work as well.

First if you are DD.............would you really entertain a new contract. Why would you???? Huge uncertaintly over health and future longevity so why would he accept less $$$. The only way is if Riders extended it another 2-3 yrs but he won't take chump change.


But decisions to open up cap space for sure. Who can list our pending FA's with certainty??

Which team would gamble on a qb who has played a half a game in the past season and a half? If you look across the board, maybe Montreal and that's about it.

I'm not saying chump change but certainly not the elite qb salary he gets now.

Why on earth would Best be gone?

as far as DD and his contract…I think he would entertain it because he is that type of guy. It happens all the time. Lulay is the perfect example. If nothing else, he needs to renegotiate the upfront cash that is supposedly there. US guys push for that because these bonuses are a big tax shelter but it has to be something he plays ball on at this point…If not I would trade him for whatever I could…I don’t want guys like that around…but I know he is not like that. Even if you get rid of the roster bonus portion and roll it into the gameday contract that frees up a pile of sms if he does go down because it is lumped into the IRL not a cap hit. Smart would be giving him a cash bonus right now to do it…unless there is a plan in motion for any SMS sitting around…they need to spend every dime NOW. They should be like 5 bucks under cap in the end…should be pretty easy at this point.

(not saying I agree with it) I think basically because him and Labatte were taking inopportune, drive killing penalties…although not habitually, and perhaps due to compensation for other weaknesses in the OLine.

I'm not sure DD would at this point. He already considered his last signing less than he could have had right from day one of the resigning and it was done for the good of the team. Now with a couple of serious injuries, an uncertian guarantee that he is going to return to game shape, probably looking to retire in a few years, new management and a falling Canadian dollar he probably isn't as willing as he was a few years ago. Ultimately he still has to secure his financial future and as you get older the good of the team starts to take second place.

No, Best should be retained in my opnion

You know...................

........................... why are we concentrating on who to purge versus who we should chase ? Yes I get that room needs to be created , but seems we stuck in blaming mode versus looking to get better .. Chase and sign best players, coaches etc., and then drop , or maybe the CFL business rules dont allow this approach

Because it is not really worth even looking at until a week or 2 prior to free agency beginning so there is some idea of who might be out there.