Re: thank you to the customer assistance team

I have really long legs. I find it easier for other fans if I stand up and lean against the seat back in my Box H seat when they need to pass me.

Anyway, at the August blew team game I'm being polite and all when I guess I leaned a little to heavily on the seat back. Sure enough the support post broke away from the seat bottom. :oops:

I went down to fan services and reported the deficiency. The nice young lady told me it would be fixed before the next game (Labour Day Classique). I recall the gentleman sitting in front of me complaining previously about a crack in his seat that was uneven (thankfully plastic doesn't splinter. :wink: ) He said he had waited 2 years for them to fix his seat and said they would likely get to my problem when the new stadium opens. :frowning:

I arrived at the stadium yesterday at approximately 12:10 PM and was pleasantly surprised to find two gentlemen from the City busily putting in multiple screws to repair my seat back. :smiley: The seat held up well yesterday and I had no more incidents. :wink: One thing I wondered about is that the City had since August 13 to repair the seat why did they wait until Labour Day to do the work (and probably paying the workers double time for a statutory holiday)? :roll:

I am really grateful that they fixed the seat back, but am concerned with the cost. Sorry for sounding like sour grapes but I am a city taxpayer who hates the outrageous property taxes we pay in this city.

Thank OPSEU and CUPE for this. They probably put the work off intentionally in order to get double-time-and-a-half.


I think they were trying to get into the game free!!!!!!!!!!!!!